"All you have to do is believe..."

Raquel has her hands full, her grandmother thinks she's Anastasia Romanov, her sister is a neurotic mess, and her life is at a standstill because of her weight. If that didn't make her insane, a ghost begins to sabotage her attempts to get the surgery she needs to lose the weight. The ghost of Abel Rollins, that only her grandmother can see.

Abel Rollins is dead, he resides in Raquel's house and wants Raquel to see herself as he does, as a beautiful, desired, wonderful woman. He's at his best when he's at her side. Though he can't appear to her for long, he cherishes the time he can spend with her. He fears for her safety with such an invasive surgery as the one she planned.

Leigh Barbour has created such a delightful cast of memorable characters that I truly hadn't wanted the story to end. Raquel displayed all the emotions and fears that any woman has ever had when struggling with how to handle their weight. The growth in her character with Abel's help was a true treat to experience.

Abel represents all that is good in men, and then he disappears, who could ask for more than that? He's good and strong, and still ornery enough to make him totally appealing. He doesn't always make the best decisions, but when it counts he's a rock. I wanted my very own ghost after reading about Abel.

Raquel's Abel is a delightful tale of overcoming obstacles and finding out that you have to love yourself before you can allow someone else to love you. Ms. Barbour has created an escape from the norm and given paranormal romance lovers everywhere a wonderful perspective into the lives of her characters. This read is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted October 15, 2009


Between her grandmother, who insists she's Anastasia Romanov, the thirty-bedroom mansion she can't afford, and the one hundred-fifty pounds she needs to lose, Raquel thinks she's going crazy.

Abel Rollins, the ghost only Raquel's grandmother can see, has a different opinion. He loves Raquel the way she is and he sets out to make sure she doesn't have that surgery. According to Abel, hospitals are bad news. After all, he died in one from mustard gas in World War I.

Genre: Mainstream Romance: Paranormal, Rubenesque/BBW, Comedy

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Raquel's Abel
by Leigh Barbour

Red Rose Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 9, 2009
ISBN #1604353554
EAN #9781604353556
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