"Close encounter of the flying kind"

Tess, a doctor in Portland, Oregon, is herded aboard a spaceship that lands at the local mall. Her fate, along with the other men and women that were captured, is to be a specimen at a zoo on another planet. When the aliens learn of her medical skills they turn her into the zoo veterinarian. For five years she tends the other captives, mostly animals, when one of the pilots of a capture run smuggles a new being into her medical quarters. Wings of a bat, but definitely the body of a man, she's inexplicably drawn to him, especially after she realizes that he's sentient. When the opportunity presents itself, Tess, with the help of another from Earth, escape with the Nightflyer along with two nightflyer children. They return to the Nightflyer home world to find that most of the Nightflyer people are dead or missing.

This is a story of two cultures meeting, learning from each other, and blending together. Of hardship, survival and rebuilding.

Isabel L. Martens has woven a wonderful tale that I can only compare to writers like Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer Bradley. I was truly sorry to reach the end of the book and can only hope that Ms. Martens will write a sequel.

Reviewed by Alicia Crider
Posted October 4, 2009


Dr. Tess Lockhart doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials—until she becomes the latest attraction in an alien zoo. To ensure her safety, she undertakes the role of official zoo doctor as she and Arnie, a friend and fellow detainee, make plans for an escape. Their plans take a complicated turn when Arnie brings her an injured creature. Tess warily nurses the virile, winged humanoid back to health, knowing too well that aliens aren’t to be trusted.

Too bad she can’t convince her heart. As the months pass, Tess finds herself drawn to her charge, Roan. In this world, though, Tess is the alien…and their fragile love may not be able to survive their differences.

Categories: Futuristic/SciFi Romance
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook

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by Isabel L. Martens

Cerridwen Press
July 1, 2009
Available: July 30, 2009
ISBN #141992012X
EAN #9781419920127
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