"A wickedly erotic, grown-up fairy tale"

Years after the fabled ball when she met Prince Charming, Cinderella is now Queen Ella and without her husband. He left Ella and the throne several years prior to run off with a lover, leaving Ella to run the country by herself. Currently, she is lonely and frustrated, having had little companionship since Charming left, except for her stoic steward, Sebastian. Wanting to act out some fantasies, and relieve the tension building between her country and its neighbor, run by her infamous stepfamily, she hosts a masked ball. At the ball, an unknown man ravishes her but her indiscretion may prove to be politically disastrous as her stepfamily looks for a way to dethrone Ella.

Ella must rely on Sebastian to guide her through her political turmoil, and end her extreme loneliness.

As a lover of fairy tales, I adored Ella's story that explored the "what if" of whether Cinderella actually had her happily ever after. I think many women can relate to Ella because she has put her duties before her own happiness, placing herself in a position where she is unhappy and afraid. Therefore, the reader immediately connects with Ella and understands her problems, especially wanting to find love and come to terms with her horrid stepfamily.

I highly recommend Cinderella Unmasked as it contains the elements of a great fairy tale, complete with a fairy godmother, but adding adult twists comprising both political intrigue and intensely erotic situations. A great new twist on the classic fairy tale that does not disappoint.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted September 28, 2009


Three balls. Three sexual adventures. One true love.

In the years since her husband King Charming boarded a pirate ship to “find himself”, Queen Ella has ruled alone. Romantic love? It’s a girlish emotion. These days, her only confidant is her steward, Sebastian.

Five years is a long time to forego sexual pleasures. She’s the queen, after all..shouldn’t she be allowed a few indulgences? A masquerade is just the ticket to find fulfillment Charming never gave her. With Sebastian’s encouragement—and a little help from a fairy godmother—Ella prepares to make some magic.

The first masked stranger she dallies with gives her a taste of what she’s been craving. And it’s just not enough. A second ball follows. A third. Each one—and each anonymous man—sends her to new heights of sexual pleasure. And reawakens the notion that maybe, just maybe, love does not always lead to pain.

Her indiscretions have not gone unnoticed. As her stepfamily makes a move to take over the throne, Ella has nowhere to turn, no one to trust…except the men behind the masks…

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Red Hots, Erotic
Length: Category

Warning: This is the new “happily ever after”, strictly for grown-ups…

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Cinderella Unmasked
by Bonnie Dee, Marie Treanor

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2009
Available: August 18, 2009
ISBN #1605046493
EAN #9781605046495
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