"This sexy vampire finds more than he expected"

Rook is desperate to find the stolen moonstone that belongs to his vampire leader and friend. This important moonstone is necessary for his friend's health and to maintain the balance within the vampire world. As he tracks the thief into the rainforest, he discovers the human female, Ember, currently has possession of the stone.

Ember finally was on the vacation she always wanted to take. The solo hike through the rainforest gave her the distance from the human world she needed as her healing powers were in high demand. She craved seclusion. When she found the beautiful moonstone in the forest, she discovered that it gave her a feeling of well-being. When Rook appears demanding her to relinquish the moonstone, she does not give it to him, but Rook proceeds to use his seductive powers to change her mind. Ember does not realize that her possession of the moonstone endangers her life, as she has been acting as a mortal compass to other vampires who want the stone.

Mortal Compass has an interesting premise, but I felt the story was too short. I liked the characters and wanted to know more about them, about the vampire world, and about Ember's special powers, especially how the powers may impact the vampire world. I thought the romance between Rook and Ember was rushed, but this is probably due to the short length of the story. Therefore, I hope that Mortal Compass is a solid beginning to a potential new vampire series where another, longer story is planned to further this intriguing world.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted September 28, 2009


There’s always a choice…even if the options are deadly.

Rook Vasser hunts with the fate of his vampire clan riding on his shoulders. Without the clan’s stolen moonstone, an all-out war and his leader’s death are inevitable. Acting on a tip, he heads deep into the Blood Mountains, confident the stone is within his grasp. He doesn’t expect to find it hanging around the neck of a beautiful mortal—or that it will be nearly impossible to get it away from her.

Ember Chalane came to the mountains to recharge her critically low healing powers. The lovely stone she finds lying in the grass is more than a shiny trinket. She discovers it restores and enhances her empathic ability, flooding her body with fresh life force she’s unwilling to give up—not even to the dark, sexy vampire who wants it back.

Rook tries everything to get his hands on the stone, including seduction…only to learn that not only does it protect her from his bite, without it she becomes dangerously sick. With time running out, Rook faces the darkest of choices—save his falling clan, or save the woman for whom he’s fallen.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Short Story

Warning: This title contains some naughty bits! A bit of Alpha male attitude, a bit of explicit sex with a hot vampire, and a bit of a bite!

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Mortal Compass
by Ann Cory

Samhain Publishing
August 1, 2009
Available: August 4, 2009
ISBN #1605046396
EAN #9781605046396
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