"What would it feel like to be a snowflake, blowing in the wind?"

Windblown is unlike any other book I have ever read. Jaime Samms created an imaginative world in which Triann and Garith, mates from Atlantis, are separated after they are granted immortality. Triann has been searching for Garith for years, but knows that time is running out, because Garith is losing himself and becoming just another soul floating with the wind.

Windblown is a short, intense novella. I enjoyed the premise of the book and Jaime's way of writing it. I would have liked for the story to be longer, because I wanted to know more about Triann and Garith. As it is, I was touched by the undying love between these two.

I believe that this is the first experience I have had with Jaime Samms' work. I look forward to experiencing more of her vivid imagination in her other books.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted September 20, 2009


From Immortal Fire

With immortality, Triann and Garith expected lifetimes to love one another, not the windy, empty landscape of broken hearts, and one mortal man could bring them back together, or tear them apart...

Triann has spent years alone searching for any trace of the lover left behind when their world sank below the waves. Garith, swept out to sea on the ships meant to save the mortal people of their realm, never entered the sanctuary of Neo-Atlantis with Triann, and was doomed to spend his long years alone on the world of men.

Time outside the sanctuary does not pass as quickly, however, and Garith's will has not been strong enough to keep him alive, despite his immortality. He's fast fading to just a haunting voice on the wind, and Triann is determined to bring him home before he fades to a breath and nothing.

Neither Atlantian expects to encounter Tony, a man alluring and strong enough to tempt them both. That temptation could be their downfall. Or their saving grace.

Genre: Gay, Erotic Fantasy, Novella

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by Jaime Samms

September 1, 2009
Available: September 4, 2009
ISBN #1600543839
EAN #9781600543838
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