"1887 Prince fiinds modern women is his destiny"

Artist Cynda Madison is supporting herself by restoring paintings. While working on the damaged portrait of Prince Dimitri Karakov for Hope Springs Historical Society, Cynda learns that he was shot and killed at the Chesterfield Hotel. Intrigued, she visits the Chesterfield and finds it abandoned except for a chest. Inside the Hope Chest she finds several items, among them the missing nameplate for the portrait. Once she lifts the nameplate from the chest, she finds herself transported to 1887.

Amazingly, Miss Sparrow recognizes her as a traveler and establishes her as a waitress at the Chesterfield. Cynda immediately recognizes Prince Dimitri Karakov from the portrait and warns him of danger. Cynda knows she must prevent Dimitri's death and return to her own life in the future. Cynda grows as an artist and her love shows in her painting. As she knows this will be a short visit, she can adapt, but she will be leaving her heart behind when she returns to her own time. Their love crosses class lines as well as time lines and could never be. What other choice does she have? 

Dimitri finds himself strangely attracted to this commoner who he believes is slightly crazy. When his younger brother shows interest in Cynda, Dimitri's unprepared for the new emotion of jealousy. As he is to become king and already arranged to marry, she has no place in his life, but he finds he cannot resist her. Dimitri who has struggled under the weight of being the future king has never before found himself unable to do his duty because of his emotions. How can he have her and fulfill his responsibilities?

GRAND DESIGN is the third of five Chesterfield Hope Chest time travel romances. These authors have worked together to build an enjoyable atmosphere and characters at the Chesterfield Hotel. There is humor in the story of a modern woman and a Victorian aristocrat learning to accept each other. Ms Fox has written an enjoyable love story that can stand alone, but also included a dinner with chef Corrie Garrett [see FIRE WITH FIRE by Paula Gill] that brought a grin. 

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 15, 2002


The Perfect Prince Charming

Restoring old paintings for Hope Springs' Historical Society isn't exactly what frustrated artist Cynda Madison wants from her career, but she has no idea just how challenging her job will become when she works on the damaged portrait of devastatingly handsome Prince Dimitri Karakov found in the ruined Chesterfield Hotel. Moved by the tragic loss of a young, vital man, Cynda begins to investigate his death. When she finds the painting's tarnished nameplate in the ruined hotel's hope chest, she is instantly swept back in time to 1887 where she meets the prince himself--very much alive and disturbingly attractive. Cynda knows she must prevent Dimitri's death to get back to her own life--but can she prevent herself from falling in love?

Hope Chest Series

The historical Chesterfield Hotel once offered visitors the graceful charm of its sumptuous rooms and the healing waters of its nearby hot springs. In the present day, as five people unearth the hotel's century-old hope chest, each will be transported back to a bygone age--and transformed by the timeless power of true love.

ENCHANTMENT by Pam McCutcheon
FIRE WITH FIRE by Paula Gill
STOLEN HEARTS by Laura Hayden
AT MIDNIGHT by Maura McKenzie


Grand Design
(Hope Chest Series: Book 3)
by Karen Fox

Zebra Books (Ballad Romance)
August 1, 2001
Available: November 6, 2006
ISBN #0821769030
EAN #9780821769034
352 pages
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