"A Powerful new author in the Paranromal, Erotica World!"

Chosen for her moon daemon ancestry, which gives her an affinity for the moon, Miu had been ordered to find and steal a necklace made of silver and moonstone at the Cat Temple. Then she is to escape from the temple without being caught by one of the legendary cat warriors. Yeah, easier said than done! Stories of the Legendary cats and their annual hunt for virgin mates were too outlandish to be true, but proves to be the opportunity she needs to gain access to the necklace.

Drawing the attention of the Amun Ra, the high ruler of the cat people, Miu is sent ahead on the hunt! Called away from guarding the doorways, Jafar was instructed to follow the intriguing woman and see where she goes and what she does. Reluctantly, Jafar follows, aroused by the female whose scent called to him like no other. Finding out she is indeed up to no good, Jafar has a plan. Thus begins A Hunt of the most exquisite kind!

The Hunt marks Anne Marsh's debut novel, and what an entrance! I was completely hooked from the first paragraph all the way through till the end. Ms. Marsh shows a true gift in weaving fun and charismatic characters that will leave you wanting more of her Hunter's Mate romances. Jafar is all sexy male that will make you purr, and Miu is a no holds barred type of sassy female I found entertaining! With detailed, scorching love scenes that will leave you hot, I will be putting this author on my "To Watch For List" and on my bookshelf!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted September 11, 2009


No female could escape…

No matter how they try to flee, the virgins who enter the twisting tunnels of the Guardians are destined to be caught. Actually, most don’t try too hard. The stories of warriors who can take on Cat form, of lovers who can make a woman scream with pleasure, are just too enticing.

But Miu is no virgin, and she’s joined the Hunt with her own agenda. After she steals the moonstone necklace she’s been sent for, she has no intention of becoming some Cat’s tasty morsel. Too late she discovers these kitties have some deliciously kinky habits, and the dark hunter on her trail isn’t about to let impudent thievery go without punishment of the most exquisite kind.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters

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The Hunt
(Hunter's Mate: Book 1)
by Anne Marsh

September 1, 2009
Available: September 29, 2009
ISBN #050552824X
EAN #9780505528247
304 pages
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