"The world-building is complex and awe-inspiring"

Jambriol III rules the Eubian Concord and Kelric is the Imperator, the military leader of the Skolian Imperate. Both of these men seek peace, but many in their governments wish to continue fighting. Since the Radiance War, the old hostilities continue and there is unease within both governments. The Eubians are slave traders, and the ruling Aristos take pleasure from the pain of psions and consider them inferior. The Skolian Imperate is ruled by the Ruby Dynasty, a family of psions, and they revere psions. These two cultures are diametrically opposed and, to top this off, Jambriol III has a secret that could end the chances of peace and endanger his family.

THE RUBY DICE is a wonderful science fiction story filled with political intrigue and complicated characters. The world-building in THE RUBY DICE is complex and awe- inspiring, and from the first page, I was hooked.

Jambriol III is caught between a rock and a hard place, and his strength makes him a true hero. To work for peace and as a memorial to his parents, Jambriol III, a psion, suffers in his role as a full-blooded Aristo. Because the Aristo mind puts pressure on and causes pain to the psion mind, Jambriol III, even when his mental shields are up, has a headache around his Aristo subjects and ,also, feels horror at their attitudes and the suffering they cause. In spite of this, he continues in his mission and perseveres. Kelric, too, has suffered much and sacrificed much for his people, and he has difficult decisions to make in an attempt to reach a peace treaty.

THE RUBY DICE is a great addition to the truly addictive Skolian Imperate series. It is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted September 11, 2009


Two men, two empires. Jaibriol ruled the Eubian Concord: over two trillion people across more than a thousand worlds and habitats. Kelric ruled the Skolian Imperialate. War had come before—and it might come again, devastating vast swathes of the galaxy. Neither Jaibriol nor Kelric wanted war, but neither was complete master of his realm. And each hid a secret that, if revealed, might be his downfall. Jaibriol was a secret psion, with telepathic abilities, and to be a psion in the Eubian Concord was to be a contemptible slave, eventually to be tortured for the pleasure of the slave’s owner. Kelric, years ago, had disappeared for nearly two decades. He had been a prisoner and slave on the planet Coban, part of neither empire, until he had managed to escape. And if the Skolian Imperialate knew of his captivity, there would be demands for vengeance, ravaging Coban—and killing the wife and children Kelric had left behind when he escaped.


The Ruby Dice
(Skolian Empire: Book 12)
by Catherine Asaro

Baen Books
March 1, 2009
Available: March 31, 2009
ISBN #1416591583
EAN #9781416591580
592 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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