"Rand finds the 'family way' to enchanting love"

Ariel had been Queen of the Pillywiggins (flower faeries) until she defended Robin Goodfellow [see PRINCE OF CHARMING] from Titania. Titania banished Ariel from her court and stripped her of her rank. Oberon, King of the Fae, was Robin's father and he kept an eye on his son's life in the mortal realm. Oberon asked Ariel to check on his grandson and send back a magical report. After seeing the baby, Ariel decided that she wanted a baby of her own to feel needed again. She must choose a mortal father for her child; so she chose Robin's brother-in-law, Rand Thayer.

Rand had 10 sisters and plenty of nieces and nephews; so he did not need a wife or a baby of his own. He had not meant to be seduced, but it happened and now she was pregnant. She had to stay with him until the baby is born because she cannot enter the faerie realm while pregnant. One thing he knew though, she was NOT going to disappear with the infant! 

Dealing with matchmaking relatives, a faerie pregnancy and malfunctioning magic make for many entertaining and emotional scenes. Rand finds that he wants Ariel as much as he wants the baby. Ariel finds she has become attached to this mortal and as the baby has been draining her powers she is getting more comfortable in the mortal world. Once the baby is born, what will they choose?

Another book where the story is a pleasure to read through to the end. The joy and excitement of the story will keep you turning pages until the very end and wishing for more. Ms. Fox does leave an opening for another Fae story with Ariel & Rand's daughter who Oberon pronounces part Fae; so we can only hope!

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 15, 2002


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:
3rd place - FANTASY

A faery who wants to get pregnant.

A man with too many women in his life.

Magic, mischief and mayhem!

Ariel of the Fae had never seen a baby before. But then why would she have? Children do not exist in her realm. So the moment she finally enters the mortal world and spies a sleeping child, Ariel falls instantly in love--and decides she wants one. All she needs is a suitable mortal man...

Rand Thayer meets all the criteria. He is handsome, healthy--and fertile. Perfect. Except for one small problem... When Ariel boldly marches up to him and asks him to impregnate her, her flat-out refuses! While Rand may be a good catch, he certainly is not an easy one. Now, Ariel will have to rethink her less-than-tactful tactics and consider the strange possibility of getting to know him first...


Buttercup Baby
(Fae Romance: Book 2)
by Karen Fox

Jove (Magical Love)
October 1, 2001
ISBN #0515131695
EAN #9780515131697
266 pages
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