"He thinks "reubenesque" is best enchantment"

Kate Carmichael no longer believes in magic after her father left on a quest for fairy gold twelve years ago. Now her guardian died with no will, Kate Carmichael found the house goes to Adam, who plans to toss her out and sell the home. Kate returns home to talk to the portrait that she has used as a confident for the last twelve years. While searching for the will, Kate takes the picture off the wall and sees an inscription on the back. When she reads it, suddenly Robin Goodfellow leaves the portrait and appears next to her. He convinces her that the fairy queen Titania trapped him, the son of Fae King Oberon, inside the portrait for two centuries. 

However, Robin quickly learns that he is not completely free, but remains bound to his rescuer Kate. Each time he ventures beyond 50 feet, he finds himself back by her side. This little quirk brings humor throughout the story! Having no choice but to stick together, they promise to help each other. Kate will help Robin find a way to free himself and Robin will help Kate search for the will. 

Robin and Kate like each other, and after being friends for years [albeit most the time in picture form], they discover they love each other. Robin keeps trying to get Kate to trust him and trust herself. Robin courts her and shows her that she is beautiful just the way she is -- "reubenesque."

This is a sweet but action packed book and Ms. Fox keeps you guessing about possible endings. You will not want to put it down until you reach the end. I look forward to the next book of hers about the fae [fairy] folk... BUTTERCUP BABY.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 15, 2002


A man trapped in a portrait by an evil spell.

A woman losing her home.

Boy, could we use some magic now.

Kate Carmichael has not had an easy life. After her mother's death, her father left her in the care of a kind friend while he attempted to settle his debts, but he never returned. Now, twelve years later, Kate's guardian has passed away. And without a will promising her the Victorian house, the guardian's next of kin is ready to take possession and throw her out on the street.

With only a week before she's evicted, Kate must find the will. During her search, she inadvertently frees Robin Goodfellow from the portrait he has been magically trapped in for the past two hundred years, but the spell isn't completely broken. Some mysterious force compels Robin to remain at Kate's side. And even as they agree to help each other, a different kind of magic takes hold--leaving them spellbound in love...


Prince of Charming
(Fae Romance: Book 1)
by Karen Fox

Jove (Magical Love)
December 1, 2000
Available: November 6, 2006
ISBN #0515129747
EAN #9780515129748
272 pages
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