"While rescuing the First Daughter, Janna finds love as well as protection"

I would recommend you read DREAMSINGER for the full joy of this story and the world and the battle between the Tyria and the Warmaster. Scientist Tate Wyborn's latest invention malfunctions bringing he and his assistant Selie Konn to Gayome where Tyria's warrior Janna Bezitt and her soldiers capture them. Tate knows that the Warmaster assigned Selie to spy on him but considers her harmless and incompetent. The Tyria, Nerienne goes into labor and Selie offers to help while Tate secretly fixes his transporter device. After a successful birth of a daughter however, Selie uses the transporter to abduct the infant and returns to Tyria's enemy, the Elasian Warmaster. Tate feels honor-bound to undo this wrong and Nerienne asks Janna to accompany him and assure his survival. Reluctantly Janna accepts an added team member, Bidge, the guardian.

We met Janna during DREAMSINGER and know her loyalty to Nerienne was hard won and is now unshakable. The differences in beliefs and outlook between arrogantly scientific Tate and magical Janna cause many conflicts. In spite of their differences, during their quest, Janna and Tate fall in love. Tate must learn acceptance of things he cannot see and Janna must cope with Bidge's chattering and finally come to understand her own abilities to communicate.

While rescuing the First Daughter, Janna finally meets the Warmaster who is responsible for the destruction of much of Gayome. In this final book of the trilogy the war between Tyria and the Warmaster ends in an unexpected way. I think those who have read the other books will be amazed and appreciate the talented story telling that brings this trilogy to its conclusion.

Cy Korte Copyright December, 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Note from Author: ImaJinn will be publishing the next three books of the Dream series starting late 2002. DREAMTRAVELER will be the story of the baby Dariana, the First Daughter.

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 15, 2002


(Book #3 of the Dreams Chronicles)
by J. A. Ferguson

Imajinn Books
October 30, 2001
ISBN #1893896609
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