"Gordon is a silkie -- and the lover Elizbeth has been waiting for"

It was Mid-summer's eve and the tea leaves predicted Elizabeth was to meet her "soul mate". When she dived into Grey Gallows bay to swim with the seals, little did she expect to almost drown. She was a seal? By a young boy? Or was it all a young girl's dream? As she hears her stepmother scream, her savior gives her one last look and says "Remember Me". Ten years later she is back in the little town Grey Gallows and the mysterious Mr. Gordon has followed her from San Francisco. But more than Mr. Gordon's mysterious ways, there is something strange going on in her old hometown. The fishermen are complaining and the town is divided.

This story starts out with you knowing that Gordon is a and seal...and has some magical powers. He saves Elizabeth because she is his soul mate and after 10 years he has found her again. The confusion he feels because he is "one of a kind" and has no one to guide him in the ways of humans it touching as well as occasionally amusing. This is a major enjoyment in the story... seeing the world through his eyes on occasion. Hey, we know men are "clueless" but this really brings the point of view! The local superstitions, little Minny's kidnapping, and town politics soon bring their lives to decision point.

Having grown up with a father dedicated to his work, Elizabeth wants a man that will value her and place her first in his life. It takes awhile for her to accept that Gordon is actually the silkie that saved her life years before, but once she does, she is sure that his responsibilities toward his seals will keep him from her. When Gordon walks into the sea to return a murdered seal to the deep, she is sure there is no way for them to reach a life together even if they are in love. Gordon cannot understand how to explain to her and returns to the sea.

Of course, this is not the end. There is a HEA for Gordon and Elizabeth. I enjoyed the story although I did have a bit of a problem with past relationships as part of the plot points. I am not sure if this will make MY keeper shelf, but I would recommend it for reading pleasure.

Cy Korte Copyright September, 1999
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 15, 2002


AMAZON: As a teenager, Beth Caxton nearly drowned while swimming in Grey Gallows Bay. Her rescue was rather mysterious, for she was seen being resuscitated by a naked man who quickly disappeared. Now, 10 years later, she is again drawn to Grey Gallows Bay where she meets an unusual man named Gordon. When Gordon tells Beth of his true identity, that of the selkie--a mythical half seal/half man creature--who saved her life a decade ago, and when he professes his undying love, and tells her that he has waited these 10 years for her return, Beth has a difficult time believing him, despite the nagging sense of Familiarity in Gordon's eyes. When Gordon's life and that of the other seals in the bay is threatened, it is up to Beth to help prevent sure disaster.


Sea Spell
(Magical Love)
by Tess Farraday

Jove (Magical Love)
June 1, 1998
ISBN #0515122890
EAN #9780515122893
341 pages
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