"Full of paranormal variety"

Man to Man (Wolf Pack Series) by Stormy Glenn

Donovan and his brother have been sent to Wolf Creek Pack to help them with protecting the mate of one of their pack. What Donovan did not expect to find was his own mate, and even more surprising that it was another man. Donovan has always enjoyed women so when he finds himself drawn to James he is not sure how to feel.

James has always known that he was more attracted to men than women, but he didn't want to let his family or his pack know that he wanted another man as his mate. When he first sees Donovan all his plans to keep his preference quiet are over, he wants to be with him and he will not hide it from anyone anymore.

Man to Man shows how two men can overcome the fears of what others will think.

Boiling Point by Tymber Dalton

Rick and Jan are twins with one exception, Rick is a fire dragon and Jan is an ice dragon. Putting two different elements under the same roof is looking for trouble. Added to that is the prophecy that when they found their mate they would know it was her, and they have found her.

Lina has covered more times for her boss than she can count but this time she has no problems filling in when he misses another appointment with a potential client. But, she soon learns there is more to Rick and Jan than just two brothers looking to build a new house, they want her.

Boiling Point will have you laughing at how two very different brothers are willing to share the same woman and live together.

Swan Song by Blaze Ballentine

As an enforcement officer for the PCU it was Beauty's job to protect humans from the paranormals that broke the laws and ventured into human territory. When she is attacked by a rogue shifter she wakes to find herself still alive and two men watching over her, men with wings.

Ke'lan and E'than had no choice, in order to save Beauty they had to turn her, like them she will now be a Swan and their mate, and be forced to live on Gypsy Cay Island with all the other paranormal beings.

Now someone is out to kill all three of them; their first suspect is Beauty's former partner and ex-lover, Canton. As the three of them try to protect each other and find out who is trying to put an end to their lives their bond grows even stronger.

Swan Song has the suspense and proves that not all paranormals are bad.

Claiming Kristen (Sea Island Wolf 3) by Jenny Penn

Kristen knows she is not supposed to be in Covenanter territory but she thought she would never get caught.

Kort and Jakob sense that Kristen is their mate, the problem they have to get around is that her brother is the Alpha to their neighboring Narin pack, and the two packs have never gotten along.

Stealing Kristen mends fences between two battling packs and shows the depths that two men are willing to go to, to win the woman they know is their mate.

Every one of these authors has their own unique talent of bringing a story to life. A great read.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted August 14, 2009


MAN TO MAN by Stormy Glenn

Donovan and James are mates. The problem? Donovan isn't gay and James is in the closet, but they can't keep their hands off each other.
Note:Erotic M/M Alternative Paranormal Romance

BOILING POINT by Tymber Dalton

What do you get when you mix a fire dragon with an ice dragon and toss in one goddess? A whole lot of steam!
Note: M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance

SWAN SONG by Blaze Ballantine

What's better than Beauty and the Beast? Beauty and three beasts, of course. Swan Song--a blazing hot love story filled with paranormal passion.
Note: M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance


Kristen knows the rules of the pack. When she dares to cross the line, Kort and Jakob are waiting to capture--and to love--her.
Note: M/F/M Paranormal Menage Romance

Categories: Anthology EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre
Heat Level: SEXTREME

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Tasty Treats, Volume 3
by Jenny Penn, Tymber Dalton, Stormy Glenn, Blaze Ballentine

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June 1, 2009
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