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Catrionna (Cat) MacInnes and her sisters, Skye and Poppy are half werewolf and half witch. Their father shunned his werewolf lineage and never taught his daughters about their werewolf powers, but let them struggle with them alone. When their father announces they are going to make a trip to the Scottish Highlands, they're surprised but excited to finally meet other clan members and their Uncle Duncan, who is the Alpha of the pack.

Bastian an Morgaine, is half Dyadd, the only male born to the race who are blood-drinking sorcerers. He is also half Athin with the ability to bend time and space. The Athin race has been wiped out by a deamon curse, which is a narial, shadowy creature that eats away the Athin's soul until there's nothing left. For this reason, Bastian has lived a lonely life, away from others for fear if he became too close to another, they too would be in danger of losing their life. Bastian has a plan to rid himself of this plague. All he has to do is convince his hated enemy, a dragon to let him drink his blood—willingly.

When Cat and Bastian meet, it's like a crackle of energy passed between them, hot and definitely carnal. Cat doesn't understand her urge to want to bite this man and mark him as hers, but Bastian does understand, and as much as he would like to make Cat his own, he must stay away from her. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans for these two. Bastian will not only have to fight for his life, but he also holds Cat's fate in his hands.

Lucien Andrakkar, a dragon shapeshifter who was captured by the daemons and sentenced to a lifetime of torture is rescued by Bastian. Even if he wanted to help Bastian, which he does not, he's too weak to even heal himself of the wounds inflicted upon him. He never expected a little slip of werewolf, Poppy to work a special magic that would also heal his heart.

I loved this book! I couldn't get enough it, sneaking away to read and staying up way too late to finish it. The Scottish Highlands is magic enough, but add a brooding angel-faced vampire-like/wizard and a dark haired, violet- eyed dragon shapeshifter, you're bound to be enchanted. The secondary story with Poppy and Lucian is just as heartwarming as Cat and Bastian's story. The emotions are so strong you'll feel the pain the hero and heroines are going through to win their happiness. A must read!

This book is the third tale (my favorite) in the series, but it reads well as a stand alone. The first two books are: Call of the Highland Moon and Dark Highland Fire.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted August 14, 2009


A werewolf searching for her past...a Drakkyn fighting for his future...and the secrets that could destroy them both.

Bastian an Morgaine has always been a man apart. The only male ever born into the Dyadd Morgaine, Tribe of the Goddess, his unusual powers and silent strength have kept him a mystery even to those closest to him. But Bastian hides a dark secret, one that drives him to isolate himself on the remote Highland estate of the MacInnes Wolves: he carries a terrible curse, one he knows he must either find a way to remove, or make sure dies with him alone. Iargail seems the perfect prison for himself, and the ornery, ailing dragon whose help he desperately needs, until he knows which it will be. But this year's Pack gathering brings Bastian more than he bargained for: a beautiful werewolf who refuses to let him keep his secrets in peace. And if he isn't careful, she'll discover all the dangers of his tightly-locked heart.

Catriona MacInnes, the daughter of the powerful Pack Alpha's long-estranged brother, has only just begun to discover her family's rich legacy. Worried about her father's increasingly strange behavior, Cat hopes that Scotland might somehow hold the answers to all of her family's problems. But upon Cat's arrival, it's the reclusive stranger with the face of a fallen angel who consumes her thoughts and fires her blood. Despite Bastian's determination to keep her at arm's length, she's never been one to accept "no" for an answer. But when the darkness surrounding him turns its attention to her, Cat begins to suspect that her father isn't the only one with secrets. If only her every instinct wasn't telling her that Bastian must be hers alone, no matter the cost...

In the western Highlands, as the Wolves gather, an ancient evil watches, waiting to reach from the shadows to fulfill its dark destiny. A daemon's curse has terrible power. But the love of a Wolf might just be stronger...and as Bastian and Cat are about to discover, the Highland moon has a magic all its own.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Historical

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Wild Highland Magic
(Guardians of the Lia Fail: Book 3)
by Kendra Leigh Castle

May 1, 2009
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