"Staggering, alluring and sexually explosive, Crazy Little Thing Called Love was phenomenal!"

Pixie Parthon, a Fae, has worked her butt off to make her music production company a success and will not let anyone screw it up for her. Seeing her brother with his two mates (a male and a female) has her sort of wishing for her own bit of happiness at the end of the day. Looking for a distraction to pull her from her lonliness, her eyes land on Malcon, the werewolf Alpha. What she expects to be just one night of mutual pleasure, suddenly turns into an obsession with the Alpha. She can't get enough of his lovin'.

Malcon is shocked beyond belief. From the moment he sees the gorgeous pixie, he knows she's destined to be his mate. When she begs him to bite her, he thinks she knows it as well. But when he pushes her and she pulls away, Malcon realizes he needs to try a different tactic to get his pixie in line. Will the passion that explodes between them every time they're together be enough to convince her they belong together...or will Malcon have to show her he loves her enough to let her go?

Staggering, alluring and sexually explosive, Crazy Little Thing Called Love was phenomenal! This is my first treat from Crystal Jordan (I have her books on my TBR shelves) and let me tell you, I've become addicted. I couldn't get enough of this story. I loved Pixie. She's mouthy, hilarious and sensual. Malcon is sexy, dominant and mouth-wateringly delicious. The two of them together... dynamite! The buildup to their first encounter had me going crazy with anticipation and left me breathless. The story is fast-paced while at the same time letting you get to know the characters. The sex is amazing and the storyline never falters. I haven't read the other stories in this series, but I'll definitely be devouring all of them now. If you haven't read something from Crystal Jordan, you're truly missing out. So get busy and buy them darnit!

Reviewed by Amanda Haffery
Posted August 14, 2009


Love can drive you over the edge. It can also let you fly.

An In The Heat of the Night story.

Pixie Parthon worked hard to make her music production company a success. Anyone who gets in her way gets the business end of her Fae magic. Her savvy business sense kept her family afloat for years, but now that her musician brother is mated and off on a world tour she’s feeling left in the dust.

Maybe it was a faint wish for a little love magic for herself, but she didn’t expect one night of cutting loose to leave her marked for life. A little love bite is one thing. Give up her hard-won independence to a pushy alpha werewolf? She’ll pass.

Malcon is just as shocked as Pixie, but for a different reason. From the moment he saw her, his desire went far beyond getting into her pants. When she agreed—begged—to be bitten, he believed she also sensed their destiny to be mates.

Now it’s too late. Nothing will convince Pixie that he has no intention of clipping her wings—not even a month’s worth of orgasms on call. Crazy as it sounds, love is all he wants from her. Even if it means letting her go…

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
Length: Short Story

Warning: Dirty wolf on fairy love, semi-orgasmic dance scenes, fully orgasmic biting of mates, Alpha males and women who are willing to smack them with fairy dust when they get out of line. Oh, and some hot anal sex. You’re welcome!

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(In The Heat of the Night: Book 4)
by Crystal Jordan

Samhain Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 21, 2009
ISBN #1605046256
EAN #9781605046259
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