"A fun read with something for everyone!"

SWINGTIME by Desiree Holt:

Lanie had always been interested in her handsome neighbor Cody, especially after she saw first hand how he spent his weekends. Although Cody was a great guy, Lanie was not totally comfortable with his wild lifestyle-at first. Would Lanie finally get over her qualms and open herself to something new?

Cody thought his new neighbor was adorable, especially when she stomped over to his house to tell him off for his wild lifestyle. Once he met her, he knew that she was something special, and he wanted her to be much more than the lady next door. When he catches her reading a spicy novel, he decides to invite her to his next party. Will Cody and Lanie finally be able to have the relationship they both want?

SWINGTIME was a scorcher! If men like Cody really existed, then there would be a lot less women having to read about them. Handsome, sexy, and caring, he is every girl's dream. Lanie was also a really good character, she had just the right amount of shyness, but she wasn't afraid of stepping outside her comfort zone, and her reward was awesome! Get ready for a sexy read, and settle down and enjoy the ride!


Charity Reynolds was a woman scorned, and she had come up with the perfect revenge. In the annual charity auction, she was going to buy the jerk who broke her heart, and show him that he couldn't treat a lady like that. She had it all planned out..except that things weren't what they seemed.

Dr. Dexter Graham had a problem. First he agreed to participate in the charity auction, but he never dreamed that the woman who had haunted his every waking moment would be the lucky one to buy him. It couldn't be more perfect! Except he wasn't the only lucky guy purchased, so things might not be what they seem.

CHARITY'S AUCTION was a pretty spicy story. I loved the revenge angle on it, and how she exacted her punishment on the guilty man. I also loved the ending of the story. All in all, great read!


Jasmine Neal was a submissive in training. Her latest assignment was to bring peace to the warring vampire- werewolf clans. In order to do this, her master handcuffed the two men together, and ordered her to stay with them- literally between them. Would she be able to bring peace to the two men? Would she survive the experience?

Hayden and Stafford had hated each other their whole lives. As leaders of their respective species, their hatred was dangerous, so to force them to come to an accord, they were handcuffed together with a human submissive to see to their needs. Would they survive the challenge?

BETWEEN TOOTH & PAW was a edgy read, that may not be for the faint of heart. The interactions between the characters was well written, with quite a bit of steam. I did enjoy how Jasmine's character changed over the story, and how the men came to realize what they really needed in life. All in all, it was good!

MATING SEASON by Nadia Adain:

Collette had a problem. As a werewolf, she had to find a partner to go through mating season with. But this season was especially critical, because if she asked another werewolf, then they would be mates for life. Her solution: ask her two vampire friends to help her out. Of course it meant that they would have to basically be her sex slaves, but what red-blood sucking man is going to turn that down? But, in a twist, one of the vampires turns out to be more than she expected. What will she do when she finds out?

Wow! MATING SEASON was hot! Collette had it all figured out, how she could have her cake and eat it too, and boy, was it some good reading! Gabe and Rourke, her vampire lovers, were everything a girl loves to see in alpha males, and the result was lots of hot spicy lovin', with just the right amount of emotion. Excellent job!

MAGICAL MENAGE by Chrissy Smith:

Madison was one lucky woman. Not only did she have a very hunky werewolf interested in her, but she also had the leader of the local vampires wanting to get hot and bothered with her. Since she liked both of them, she couldn't choose, so of course the logical thing to do was to keep both of them! And when danger knocks at her door, the two of them will do whatever they have to in order to protect their mate.

MAGICAL MENAGE was excellent! I would love to be in Madison's shoes for at least a night or two. Tom and Dante were so considerate of her, and you have to love a man willing to go through bodily harm to protect the woman he loves. All in all, Ms. Smith did a fantastic job!

TROUBLE FOR THREE by Sascha Illyvich:

Anneka was tired of men who didn't know how to take care of their women. Her last few boyfriends had been total disappointments, so she decides the solution to her problem is to find two men to take care of her. After a night of drunken revels, her girlfriends take her to a bar, and she meets Troy and Bill, two drool-worthy cowboys. Experienced with sharing, they are more than happy to introduce her to the...benefits. Will a one night experience turn into something more?

What could be better than a smoking hot Wrangler butt? Why two! Anneka had it all, and boy was she not afraid to do what it took to keep her men. I really liked that about her, and she was well rewarded. The attraction between the three of them nearly made my computer screen smoke! This was a spicy read!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted August 14, 2009


Swingtime by Desiree Holt

Lanie Burrell had heard about group sex, but how would she handle being thrust into the middle of a hot Saturday night party?

Lanie Burrell was shocked to discover the reason Cody Hawkins was the only other neighbour on their private little cul de sac. He needed the privacy for the swinging parties he hosted featuring the kind of uninhibited group sex she read about in the erotic books she reviewed. At the moment they were the most exciting part of her sex life.

Then Cody invited her to one of his parties, and she found a wildness within herself she hadn't known existed. And an attraction between herself and Cody that exploded like a big bomb on a short fuse.

Charity's Auction by Ashley Ladd

When Char bids on and wins both sexy doctors Hunky and Hottie in her hospital's charity auction, she knows exactly what to do with them and it's not tidily winks.

Although head nurse Char Reynolds is desperately head over heels for bad boy Dr. Dexter Graham, he's moved on. Still she gets caught up in bidding for him at the hospital's auction for the new children's wing and wins. His smug expression drives her to also bid on and win the very hunky Dr. Ben Price, Dexter's nemesis and to plan a very naughty, very sexy night with both men.

Between Tooth and Paw by Kim Dare

Caught between two dominant men until they learn to settle their differences, all Jasmine can do is submit - and enjoy.

Thrown in between the future alpha of all the werewolf packs and the next head of all the vampire clans - the entirely human Jasmine Neal is charged with the task of helping the two younger men to forget their differences and set aside their hatred for each other.

Offering Stafford and Hayden her submission is easy. Offering them her body brings her nothing but pleasure. But she's only been sent to submit to them for one night. When the council of elders return to discover if their scheme to settle the men's differences is successful, she knows that the joy she finds with the two men will be over.

Mating Season by Nadia Aidan

Two master vampires, one werewolf in heat, and the primal spell of the full moon - it's definitely mating season.

Detective Collette Talbot is happily overworked and up to her knees in cases. With the busy life she leads, she doesn't have the time or energy to find a mate and settle down to have his pups. But with her mating season just a week away she may not have any choice because when she goes into heat every lycan within a mile of her will be at her door. Good thing she has two sexy candidates in mind that would be perfect to help her out with her little problem.

Two master vampires, one werewolf in heat, and the primal spell of the full moon - it's definitely mating season.

Magical Ménage by Crissy Smith

Non-practising witch Madison Montgomery can't decide between the vampire and it possible to have them both?

Madison Montgomery craves and wants two very different men. Instead of choosing one, she avoids both. Tired of waiting for her to make up her mind, Master Vampire Dante and the local wolf pack's Alpha Tom come up with an agreement of their own. If she won't choose one of them, she'll have both.

The pleasure she's given is more than she ever thought possible. One night will never be enough. If she thought it was hard to pick one of them as a lover, once she has them both, it is next to impossible to imagine being without both of them. When Madison gets a visit from the past, Dante and Tom have to work together to keep her safe. Once that is accomplished, they just have to talk her into permanently accepting a threesome.

Trouble for Three by Sascha Illyvich

One hot woman, two incredibly handsome gentlemen, how can this get any better?

Fed up with stupid men who can't decide what they want, Anneke leaves work one afternoon and ends up going out with a few girlfriends only to spy two cute guys watching them. Specifically, they're both paying attention to her.

Wondering what it would be like to have them both to herself, Anneke arranges to meet the guys sans her girlfriends just so she can get into a little trouble on her own!

Genre: Erotic Rating - Total-e-burning: Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
Genre: Ménage à trois/ Multiple partners/ Werewolves/ Vampires/ BDSM
Book Length: Anthology

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