"Another sexy installment of the Zoltan vampire clan"

When the leader of the Zoltan vampire clan decides it is time to modernize, none of his offspring are safe from his matchmaking. Finally, it is Victor's turn. What will happen when he meets the woman his father picked for him?

Victor was not very eager for another relationship. All of his previous ones had been failures, so when his father sent him to meet a human female, he was a bit leery. When he saw her, the attraction was instant, but there was a small complication-she was already betrothed, to an elvish prince. Not only that, but a malevolent entity has targeted her, and will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Will Victor be able to keep her safe?

Tess was not having a good day. Not only had her fiancé Seth apparently come back from the dead, but she also had a vampire interested in her. Not to mention the strange urges that she keeps experiencing. What will happen when she discovers the truth about the two men interested in her? Will she be able to fend off the unseen attacker tormenting her?

Wow, SENSUOUS was a great read! Continuing the story of the Zoltan vampire clan, it has a very entertaining cast of secondary characters that help to add scope to the story. The villain is just sinister enough to add the necessary edge to the story, without being too scary. The romance between Tess, Victor, and Seth is red hot, and very steamy. All in all, SENSUOUS was an excellent story!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted August 8, 2009


Victor, an organic vampire, is intrigued by his father's determination to modernize Zoltan clan. He has experienced relationships driven by obligation in the past and now he wants a union fueled entirely by passion. Modern society seems less regimented, so he's excited to explore his new boundaries.

Tess Bronstein is in the process of opening X2, a sister club to Station X. After stumbling through one horrible relationship after another, she has given up on romance altogether. Victor attracts and fascinates her, but her unwanted fiancè has burst back into her life, so a fling with a vampire is not going to happen.

Captivated, yet challenged by Tess's resistance, Victor enlists the help of Seth, an arrogant elfin prince. Seth and Tess were betrothed at birth, and her refusal to acknowledge the contract only fuels Seth's determination to possess her. Victor knows they can unleash her sensuality if they find a way beyond her emotional reserve. Seth woos her by day. Victor seduces her by night. And when her barriers begin to crumble, they combine their efforts, shattering her preconceived ideas of what love is all about.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Vampires
Series: Station X
Length: Novella

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(Station X: Book 3)
by Aubrey Ross

Changeling Press
July 1, 2009
Available: July 10, 2009
ISBN #1605212105
EAN #9781605212104
107 pages
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