"A Edgy Tale of True Love Lost, And Found Again!!"

When Angelica, the new girl in school, stated "I am going to marry you" to Kelvin Saunders, it was a defining moment in his life. Since that day when he was 8 years old, Angel has been his whole world. While helping Angel to babysit her stepbrother and stepsister one night, they are attacked by something pure evil. Something that neither one had ever seen before. That night their lives changed forever. Angel woke up in a hospital room, with Kel no where to be found.

Now twelve torturous years later, Kel is living as a vampire. That fateful night he was saved by Rafe, a master vampire, a part of The Hunters. A group of vampires who fight for the innocent, and defeat the rouge vamps. When he learns that Angel is in danger, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Seeing Kel alive, and what he was, nearly broke Angel. But one thing she knows, she will do whatever it takes to keep him with her. Maybe, just maybe, they could save one another.

I have enjoyed Shiloh Walker's books, and I must say she never disappoints! Ms. Walker has a true gift of weaving a sexy world full of unforgettable characters! If you have not read any of her Hunters Series, I recommend starting at the beginning with Hunters: The Beginning. You will want to be adding this author to your "Keeper Bookshelf" and I will be watching to see what else this talented author comes up with next for The Hunters!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted August 6, 2009


Some love can last a lifetimeótheir love was destined to last longer.

Angelís first words to Kel were Iím going to marry you. She was seven at the time. He was eight. And he didnít laugh when she spoke the words. Best friends as children, lovers as young adults, they had an unexplainable bond. Their future looked set. Until the night they were attacked by a creature that couldnít exist.

Angel survived the attackóbarely. But Kel didnít. Or at least, nobody thought he did. His body was never found and Angelís life would never be the same.

The attack might not have killed Kelís body, but it sure as hell killed his heart. Twelve years later, thereís one part of his former life that he canít move past. Angel. He canít let her go, but he canít have her either. She doesnít even realize he is still alive.

But when a threat surfaces, Kelís willing to do whatever it takes to protect Angel. Even if it drives them both to the edge of insanity and back.

Warning: Some violence. Some sex. Some bloody violence. Even a little bit of bloody sex. Not all of the sex is between the hero and the heroine, even though every time that happens, the hero closes his eyes and thinks of England Angel. Not exactly a traditional romance, but I promise it does end HEA.

Genre: Paranormal Romance. Red Hots!
Length: Novel

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Hunter's Edge
(The Hunters: Novella)
by Shiloh Walker

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2008
Available: May 20, 2008
ISBN #1605040290
EAN #9781605040295
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