"Inferno is an explosive tale of danger and passion."

Megan has one last task before she can be free—spy on Dante, a vampire. However, that's easier said than done. Megan has werewolf blood—something every vampire wants. Now, as she gets closer to Dante, her heart is also in danger. How is she going to do her job without falling head over heels for the vampire? Megan's heart isn't the only thing in danger is her life. A mad bomber is determined to wipe them out.

Dante knows better than to get mixed up with Megan. She's trouble with a capital T. That doesn't stop him though. He craves her. He'll go down fighting to protect the little wolf, even if it means his life—which it very well might.

Inferno, the sequel to Lords of the Were is an explosive tale of danger and passion wrought with heart- breaking tenderness. I devoured this book (I had been waiting for what felt like forever for this book) and was instantly captivated by Megan and Dante. Two different "species" that can't seem to keep their hands off each other. Yum! There were a lot of scenes that had me on the edge of my seat, nervously chewing my nails in anticipation of what was to come. Ms. D'Arc does an amazing job of creating a web between her characters and the story line, so readers are instantly entangled. As wonderful as Lords of the Were was, Inferno just knocked it off its axis. Truly wonderful.

Reviewed by Amanda Haffery
Posted August 5, 2009


A forbidden union forged in love—and tempered in hellfire.

One last task and Megan will be free of the debt of honor owed by her family. Spying on Dante, a powerful vampire with questionable friends, sounds simple enough. But her mission is complicated by the fact she’s got something every vampire wants—tangy, powerful, werewolf blood.

It’s easy to capture his attention. The hard part will be getting out with her heart—and soul—intact. Not to mention her life, thanks to a crazed bomber.

Dante isn’t the kind to forgive or forget easily, especially the grudge he holds against werewolves. Still, he is instantly drawn to the injured lone wolf in his care. When he and his friend Duncan treat her wounds, they discover something that marks her as much more than she seems.

That mark is a neon sign warning to be careful, but Dante can’t help himself. He wants her and nothing will stand in his way. Not her species. Not his. Not the strange woman who keeps trying to kill him.

Not even the magical poison in Megan’s blood…

Warning: This book contains sexual healing, ménage a trois and quatre, hot sexy vampires, an irresistible fey warrior and a lone wolf bitch on the prowl.

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(Tales of the Were: Book 2)
by Bianca D'Arc

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 30, 2009
ISBN #1605045934
EAN #9781605045931
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