"Dragons and dragons and dragons... oh my!"

Dragon culture reveres women. When Star, a dragon female, is found living among humans, Zen brings her back to live with the dragons. Star and Zen mate and live in his household, or Quad, consisting of three male dragons and a female. Prior to meeting Zen, Star did not know she was Dragonish, let alone what family of dragons she belonged to. When the dragon prince recognizes her family scent, life becomes much more dramatic for Star and her three lovers.

Personally, I found Dragon Weir frustrating. As the second book in the Dragonish series and having not read the first installment, some of the frustration is probably my own fault. With that said, I still could not discern much of a plot, and the storyline progressed illogically. The characters were one-dimensional, and their emotional outbursts unprovoked and confusing. Also, the book does not take the time to include short back-story summaries for each of the characters, possibly mentioned in the first book, but further adding to the confusing nature of this story, especially for new readers.

If new to the Dragonish series, I highly recommend reading the first installment, Dragon Star.

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted August 5, 2009


In her Dragon's Arms, she's safe from all harm...Or is she?

Star knew all of her problems had been solved. She had a mate, a Quad, a family. Now she only had to immerse herself in the mysterious and sometimes dangerous world of her found people, the Dragonish.

Only, life is never as simple as it seems.

A Destiny controlled by ancient legends, plagued by rumors, attacked by an unknown nemesis, Star realizes that she will play a larger part in her Quad. It is up to her to protect...

The Dragon Weir

Genre: Erotic Romance: Fantasy, GLBT (m/m/m), Menage (m/m/m/f), Interracial/Multicultural

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Dragon Weir
(Dragonish Series: Book 2)
by Stephanie Burke

Red Rose Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 23, 2009
ISBN #1604353848
EAN #9781604353846
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