"this fun short story kept me chuckling throughout"

Malarak was far from the worst demon Beliana had come across. Although she wasn't supposed to like him, they had become good friends over the last several thousand years. Malarak, on the other hand, had other ideas. In fact, he has A PLAN. He desperately wants to be good so he will attract Beliana, so he decides to help the human she is in charge of.

Help is not exactly the way things go. Malarak takes possession of the human, Mary's body. He has no idea how to do what he needs to do and Mary is strong-willed enough to face him down. Meanwhile, Beliana is changing from feline to bug to otter to bird to.....well, you get the an effort to stop Malarak from creating a disaster.

This short story kept me chuckling throughout and I really felt badly for the humans involved because, as always, nothing goes as planned. Will Malarak get points for doing good even if it doesn't work like he wanted? Read this cute story and find out.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted July 31, 2009



Mary and Sam, whose paths parted years before, are thrown into a hilarious mix-up when an overly zealous demon decides to play the role of an angel. Malarak breaks the rules of Heaven and Hell in an attempt to reunite the two lovers he thinks belong together. It sounds noble, but it's mostly a ploy to impress Beliana, the angel who holds the demon's dark heart. Can a demon do an angel's job and fix the wrongs in these two lovers' past, or will everything fall apart like it always does when Malarak tries to do something good?

From the minds of fantasy authors Sandy Samson and Anastasia Rabiyah, Demon's Redemption is a tangled-up tale of true love and acceptance riddled with laughter.

Genre: Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Sweet

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Demon's Redemption
by Anastasia Rabiyah, Sandy Samson

Purple Sword Publications
July 1, 2009
Available: July 28, 2009
ISBN #193616521X
EAN #9781936165216
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