"Magical love story!"

Gineal troubleshooter, Logan Andrews is hiking one day when he comes across a bouda. In the process of defeating it, the bouda manages to bite Logan. Logan thinks nothing of it, until he ends up going into convulsions. Since that time, whenever he uses too much magic, he ends up having convulsions. No way will he inform the Council of this because he knows they will demote him and he's worked too hard to finally get the Seattle district. Eventually, Logan gets called to the Council for an assignment. He is to protect a dormant—who just happens to be Creed Blackwell's sister. Now Creed Blackwell is a roving troubleshooter—the elite of the elite—and one of the few people who can put fear in Logan's heart. There's a caveat to the assignment— Logan is not to tell Shona Blackwood about the Gineal or magic. See, Creed and Shona's parents had their magic stripped from them and their memories erased. By that time, Creed was already out of the house. After the loss of their magic, the Blackwells had Shona and she knows nothing of her parents' history. Well Logan thinks the assignment will be a piece of cake—just protect the dormant from any Darksiders who want to harm her.

Shona Blackwood is an artist. Her medium is glass. To enable her to pursue her art, her parents have supported her. She lives in an apartment above her parents' garage and is currently watching their house while they are in London. For some strange reason, she hasn't been able to work on anything for the past two months. There's no desire to work. The only thing she does feel is apathy. Her best friend Ferran was supposed to meet her in a nightclub. After Shona sits in the club for a while, she gets a text message from her friend that she won't be coming. So Shona leaves the club. On her way to her car, she's attacked. Fortunately for her, a handsome man comes to her rescue. And not just any handsome man, but one who makes her senses sing. All her life, Shona's parents have drummed safety into her head, so Shona is reluctant to accept his aid.

Logan is confused as to why a human attacked Shona instead of a Darksider. He can sense how socially inept she is, so he does what he can to put her at ease. When he finds himself attracted to her, Logan comes up with the idea of dating Shona in order to keep an eye an her. The more time they spend together, the closer they become.

Will Logan be able to keep Shona safe from the Darksiders? Why are the Darksiders using humans to attack Shona? Will Logan be able to pursue a relationship with Shona, even though she is dormant? And if he does, what about her brother? Will Creed Blackwood have something to say about it? What of the convulsions? Will they stop?

EDGE OF DAWN is a fantastic paranormal romance. Patti O'Shea has created a touching story of two people coming together. First we have Shona, relying on her parents for everything, never having to make her own way. She's had safety so instilled in her, that she's become uncomfortable around people. And we get to watch as she finally comes into her own and becomes independent and even stands up for herself. Then we have Logan, who has finally attained what he's always wanted in life—being the troubleshooter for Seattle. He's got his own home, cars to work on, his family. Then Shona comes into his life and he's forced to question his oath of blind obedience to the Council. Plus he's dealing with the troubling convulsions. And Patti O'Shea weaves it all seamlessly together with fighting Darksiders and even—my favorite—dragons. I highly recommend all of Patti O'Shea's books, this series included. In a word, they're magic!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted July 30, 2009


Glass artist Shona Blackwood has lost her ability to create, but instead of panic, all she feels is apathy. Her detachment is shaken when she narrowly avoids being mugged, thanks to a timely rescue by a man who makes all her senses come roaring to life.

Logan Andrews is a magical troubleshooter assigned to protect Shona from an unseen enemy. Shona is unaware that magic actually exists and Logan is under orders not to tell her, but it isn't long before he finds his loyalty torn between his people and the passionate woman he is guarding.

He thought this would be a straightforward job, but Logan quickly realizes that in an edgy contest between magic and passion, love is destined to win.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Magic


Edge of Dawn
(Light Warriors: Book 3)
by Patti O'Shea

Tor Books
June 1, 2009
Available: June 30, 2009
ISBN #0765361698
EAN #9780765361691
336 pages
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