"a steamy, short vampire story"

Johan is in love with Petre but one night he picked up a scent that he had to know who it was, and had to have them. As he followed the scent he finds himself watching a hooker working the street, a beautiful woman. It is not often that Johan finds himself attracted to women but this one holds his attention and he has to have her. As he continues to watch from the shadows a car pulls up and grabs the woman. Now he feels he must do everything in his power to save her.

Miranda is just minding her business working the streets as normal when she is grabbed and taken to a warehouse where she is beaten. She does not believe that she will live through the attack when two men show up to rescue her from her would be killers. Little did she know that the two men who saved her life were about to change it forever.

Night Games is a good short story that is steamy and shows how three people can come together and have a strong love between them all. Wish the story would have been a little longer and dealt a little more with the situation Miranda's was dealing with. An enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted July 26, 2009


Johan is gay and has been interested in only one man for centuries, so why does this mortal woman pull at him so?

When a hooker on the stroll is kidnapped under his very nose, Johan's interest is piqued, so he follows. Joined by his lover, Petre, the two vampires find themselves in the midst of a mystery.

Once rescued, the lovely Miranda becomes a playmate for the two lusty men, but again, she vanishes.

Who is the luscious blonde woman, and who could possibly be so interested in a whore? And why do these mysterious someones want her dead?

Erotic Rating: Total-e-burning - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
Genre: Contemporary/ Vampires/ Gay/ Ménage à trois
Book Length: Novel

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot m/m sex and m/m/f intimacy

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Night Games
by Jude Mason

June 1, 2009
Available: June 15, 2009
ISBN #1907010297
EAN #9781907010293
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