"complex, intense, heartbreaking terror, healing love"

Fragile is an intense and well-written book. We start with Luke as a little boy when he learns that he has a twin, Quinn. Even as a child, Luke has a need to help and heal others around him, and he starts with his abused brother. His need to fix things moves with him as he grows into an adult and joins the Rangers. After years of living that life, he is nearly crippled and leaves the Rangers to become an ER doctor. It is in the ER that he meets Devon. Devon is a social worker and is very dedicated to her job. Luke asks Devon out and that begins an intense and complicated relationship. Devon has battle scars of her own, and Luke picks up on them quickly. She went through unimaginable horrors as a child and has come out on top. Luke does his best to treat Devon carefully because he doesn't want to scare her away.

Someone begins stalking Devon and Luke's protectiveness becomes nearly smothering for her. The plot begins to twist and turn in a few different directions, leaving me jumpy and guessing at what is really going on. Just when I thought that the suspense was solved, it started again, off in another direction.

Fragile is not a sweet romance, but a book that takes the reader to the darker side of life and emotions. I was pulled in by Luke and then Devon and their raw emotions and scarred pasts. Every bit of this book, from the characters to the plot, are unbelievably realistic and entirely possible. The characters have been through traumatic events, but instead of being weak; they are strong and fight back. Luke's extreme guilt over the situation is silly, but understandable coming from a person like him. Devon's insistence that she isn't fragile was almost unbelievable, yet after knowing what she went through, I have to agree that she isn't fragile.

After reading Fragile, my greatest hope is that there may be a future book starring Quinn. For half of the book, I thought really bad things about him. He has a very big story to tell and I would love to know that story. He deserves a little happiness and I have a feeling that Shiloh Walker could bring that happiness alive.

I highly recommend Fragile. Just keep in mind that this is a romantic suspense. There is love and passion, but there is also a dark side, filled with terrors and twists and turns to make your head spin.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted July 25, 2009



Six years after trading in his combat gear for hospital scrubs, Luke Rafferty still hasn’t found what he’s been searching for: a normal life. At his job, Luke is faced with things just as heartbreaking as those on the battlefield, none more so than the abused children brought in by a pretty red-headed social worker.


For Devon Manning, being a social worker is a rewarding job, but also a constant reminder of her own troubled youth. Devon takes everything one day at a time—unable to form a relationship with anyone except the children she rescues.


When Luke meets Devon, he thinks he might have found what he’s been looking for, but in order to get the life he wants, Luke has to break through Devon’s emotional barriers and make her realize that his healing touch might be just the complication her life needs…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense

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by Shiloh Walker

Berkley Pub Group (Trade)
February 1, 2009
Available: February 3, 2009
ISBN #0425225798
EAN #9780425225790
352 pages
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