"Book 2 of the Sea Island Wolves series is smoking hot!"

Samantha can't believe her luck when she gets free of one werewolf, only to be claimed by two more. Samantha knows from experience that men and relationships are nothing but trouble, and she has no intention of getting wrapped up in any more lies from men. Her father left when she was a child, because he wanted a different life and family. Bruce, the first werewolf, only wanted her for her money. Now, it seems that JD and Caleb want her only for her womb.

JD knew the instant that he saw Samantha that she was his and Caleb's mate. Neither of them will let anything get in their way of claiming her; not even Samantha. Their mating musk quickly brings her to submission, but as soon as it wears off, she is right back to fighting them tooth and nail. They have their hands full trying to tame her, but things go from bad to worse when someone places a deadly curse on her. Now, they are fighting Samantha to become their mate and some unknown dark forces for her life.

Taming Samantha is the second book in the Sea Island Wolves series. This second book's plot got off to a much slower start and was more focused on the explosive attraction and sex between Samantha, JD and Caleb. The plot was just as interesting and complex as the first book, but the major points didn't come into play until later in the book. That fact was a bit of a letdown, but it gave me plenty of time to enjoy the characters and their passion.

Samantha's life was turned upside down when her father walked out on them, leaving her with an alcoholic mother and two younger siblings. Samantha raised her siblings and became the unsuspecting heir to her very rich employer. That good fortune led to more heartbreak when Bruce, her fiancÚ, revealed that he was a cheater and only wanted her money. When she meets JD and Caleb, she is convinced that they also want her money, but soon she learns that they only want her for her womb, to bear them children. She is so clueless when it comes to love. Her temper is volatile in the face of dominance from men, making her relationship with the two alpha werewolves explosive and entertaining. JD and Caleb are perfect compliments of one another. They are identical twins, with less than identical personalities. JD is the harsh, forceful type; and Caleb is easier going and more likely to try to flirt, rather than take what he wants by force. Despite that fact, Samantha gives Caleb a run for his money and pushes him to lose control more than once.

Both of these men have very tender hearts and their love for Samantha is obvious, though not to Samantha. It was heartwarming to finally see Samantha realize that they love her just as much as she does them. My only wish is that the plot, other than JD and Caleb taming Samantha, would have been revealed a bit earlier on. It was introduced so late that I do not feel that the full force of the evil lurking behind the scenes was enough to satisfy me in exactly everything that was going on. Still, this is a great book and one that I highly enjoyed reading. I eagerly await the third book in this series.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted July 25, 2009


Samantha Hark is running from one werewolf when she ends up in the arms of two. Can she overcome her fears and insecurities to trust in the love they offer her or will her time run out as her past closes in with deadly intent?

JD and Caleb McBane aren't about to let anything or anyone stop them from claiming their mate, even if that person is Samantha herself. The mating musk may render their feisty mate pliant to their commands, but when it wears off, Samantha is back in fighting mode.

Can JD and Caleb tame Samantha before her enemies strike the killing blow?

Categories: Erotic Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre Vampires/Werewolves
Word Count: 81,500
Heat Level: Sextreme - Erotic. Extreme sex scenes. Hard-core language. Considered offensive.

Note: Contains Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M

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Taming Samantha
(Sea Island Wolves: Book 2)
by Jenny Penn

Siren Publishing
November 1, 2008
Available: November 25, 2008
ISBN #1606011979
EAN #9781606011973
288 pages
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