"When everything you know is destroyed, how do you move on?"

Dr. Danielle Stevens was an astronaut orbiting the Earth when disaster struck. Almost overnight, Earth was ravaged by a horrible plague that seemed to leave no survivors. Safe aboard the space station, Danielle and her companions waited helplessly for news from the surface. When news came, it was from the opposite direction. In the middle of another fruitless attempt to contact home, the team was shocked when their transmission was interrupted by honest to God aliens. Although the aliens claimed to be peaceful, Danielle can't help but be mistrustful, especially when she starts to have feelings for two of the aliens that are more serious than they should be.

Sabin and Om were part of a team sent by the Galactic Federation to travel to Earth. When they arrived, it was to discover the planet was decimated, the population mostly dead from a devastating plague. When they made contact with a small group of survivors orbiting the planet, they quickly agreed to travel to the surface to see if they could be of any assistance. When the two teams reached their home base, the death and devastation was terrible. Reeling with the pain of their discoveries, the humans are easy targets for the ulterior motives of the Galactic Leaders. But when Sabin and Om realize that they have feelings for Danielle, will they be able to save their new love and make a life together?

CHAOS FORGED was a very good story. Ms. O'Connor does an excellent job with her setting, and makes the reader feel as if they are there with the characters. Danielle was a very strong woman, and I really liked that about her. She was not afraid to do what she needed to do, even if that meant making a relationship work with two aliens. Sabin's character really reminded me of a Vulcan, or a Catteni at first, because he was not really able to show his emotions. The whole idea of an entire race of beings coming from clones was really interesting, and helped to add another aspect to the story. The attraction between the characters was very strong, and the relationship they formed was very good, even if it was not very traditional. All in all, CHAOS FORGED was a great read!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted July 25, 2009


Stranded on the space station when the worst plague the world has even known strikes, the crew of the Pegasus can only watch helplessly as their civilization crumbles. Have the visitors from the other side of the universe truly come to help? Or are they scavengers, come to feed upon the carcass of a once great civilization?

Trust is a scarce commodity in the wake of the disaster. Yet, despite her reservations, Danielle finds herself drawn to the visitor, Sabin—perhaps because he is coolly, logically competent in a sea of madness?

Length: Epic
Genre: Erotic Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance
Sensuality: Carnal

Note: Contains multiple partners, adult language and situations, graphic violence and sexual encounters.

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Chaos Forged
by Kaitlyn O'Connor

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2009
Available: April 1, 2009
ISBN #1603942874
EAN #9781603942874
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