"Hotter than Hell"

Lady Lyssa is older than all of them. The Queen of all of them. She killed her husband, Rex, when he lost his mind. She watched her servant, Thomas, die the death of the Delilah virus, the one thing that can kill her. Little did she know that her new servant, Jacob, would be her salvation.

Through his years as a vampire hunter, through his past centuries as a Knight and other reincarnations, he has always been there for her. It is imperative that he stand beside her now, when they have both admitted their feelings for each other and when a goru of rogue vamps are set on killing the entire Vampire Council and taking control. Their control would mean human slaves and humans as food. Nothing less. Can they stand strong against evil in their ranks?

This is the second novel I have read by author Joey Hill. I'm reading them backwards, but I fear Ms. Hill has gotten it right. She is the best vampire author around, and I am a huge fan of the genre. A must read series.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted July 23, 2009


All she wants. All she needs. All for love...

When he becomes Lady Lyssaís full servant, Jacob crosses the threshold into a darker relationship with her than heís known before. His time as a vampire hunter certainly hadnít prepared him to embrace a world where humans are sexual commodities, but he adapted. Now he finds the integrity of his soul challenged as he serves his Mistressís needs as fully as he services her desires.

The vampire world believes human servants are inferior, a vital source for their varying appetites. Jacob knows a human servant is far more than that. His Mistress needs a warrior, a friend and a lover. A man who will serve her in all ways, even if he has to betray the priceless treasure of her love.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic
Theme(s): Vampire, BDSM

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The Mark of the Vampire Queen
(Vampire Queen: Book 2)
by Joey W. Hill

Berkley Pub Group
February 1, 2008
Available: February 5, 2008
ISBN #0425219321
EAN #9780425219324
384 pages
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