"What would you do to protect the woman of your dreams?"

Need someone found? Bounty Hunters, Inc. will do it. Need a criminal caught? They are the people you call. A motley collection of shady characters led by a shadowy figure, this is the story of one hunter, and how he found the woman of his dreams, and the resolution to a lifetime's search.

In the fight against the oppressions of the Amalgamation, the revolutionary movement was led by Princess Cerise. On the run, being chased by a relentless bounty hunter, she surrendered to him in order to protect her people. She never counted on being drawn to the enemy, or his attraction for her, but maybe she could use that attraction to her benefit.

Tie was a man with secrets, several of them deadly. One of the Amalgamation's genetically created Super Soldiers, he had escaped and deserted the army, making him a wanted man. After changing his name, he had spent the last ten years trying to find his best friend. When he took the job of finding Princess Cerise, he never imagined that one small female would hold the key to completing his life, in more ways than one.

Hilarious secondary characters, a well drawn plot, and an excellent cast of main characters keep the story moving quickly. The plot is very interesting, because there are lots of twists, which makes it even better. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, another surprise happens. The attraction between Cerise and Tie was volcanic, and the other romantic elements of the story were very well done as well. All in all, HUNTERS FOR HIRE: TOMORROW was an great story, that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted July 23, 2009


A Multi-Author Series

What if a beautiful rebel princess, on the run from an evil government, fell in love with the pirate who rescued her and with the bounty hunter who captured her? And what if the pirate and the bounty hunter used to be lovers?

Princess Cerise Chessienne has the power to enslave men with sex. She’s never used it—until now.

Regan is the most feared pirate in the galaxy, renowned for two things—his temper and his loyalty to the princess.

When bounty hunter Tie captures Cerise, he gives in to his desires. Now the two are addicted to sex with each other. Then Cerise leads Tie to his long-lost lover Regan, and Tie realizes that tomorrow—the day he starts his life over—has arrived.

The Amalgamation wants to execute all three of them. So what are a beautiful princess, a pirate and a philosophical bounty hunter to do? Have amazing sex, of course. And somehow lead the rebellion while avoiding capture.

Line: Aeon (Futuristic/Sci-Fi)
Contains: Menage, Male/Male scenes
Series: Hunters for Hire
Book Length: Super Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook

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(Hunters for Hire)
by Samantha Kane

Ellora's Cave (Aeon)
April 1, 2009
Available: April 22, 2009
ISBN #1419920022
EAN #9781419920028
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