"Rockin' action, hunky heroes, what more could a girl want?"

From the time she was very young, Sidney, her sister and her cousin had been very special. One of the few Earth women able to communicate with and see men from Constellaziogçn, another planet, they were prized as potential mates. However, that fact also meant that they had to constantly be on their guard, because renegade warriors would try to take them. In order to protect her family, Sidney erased their memories, and allowed herself to be committed to a psych ward, to draw the men away from her sister. Ten years later, a Gatekeeper named Aland found her and recognized her as his mate. Would Sid be able to leave the hospital to go with Aland, or would her fear of the star men keep her from happiness?

Aland had been searching for his mate his entire life. One of the Gatekeepers, warriors charged with protecting Earth from renegade warriors, he saw Sidney's picture in a television broadcast, and knew that she was the woman for him. When she is attacked at the hospital again, Aland takes her to his home, and shows her the world waiting for her. Will Sid be able to deal with her fear? Will she get her happily ever after with her handsome new mate?

SOMBER RESPLENDENCE was an amazing read! I loved the characters, especially Sid. Even while she was in the psych hospital, she was still kicking butt and standing up for herself. She was also caring and loving to the other patients. I loved her relationship with Aland, even the rocky parts. The romance between the two was red-hot, and will make you wish for a Gatekeeper of your own, because they really don't make men like that here! All in all, this was a great story!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted July 23, 2009


Aland Werner is a fierce warrior trained to follow the rules of both his realm and that of the humans. But when news of his mate’s existence reaches him, he’s willing to do anything to get to her and keep her safe.

Tucked away in a mental ward, Sidney Fisher hides behind a façade of crazy to control circumstances as best she can. Drawing the renegade warriors to her means her sister and cousin can live without fear of being captured. But she’s fighting a losing battle, for her destiny is more than intertwined with the star men, especially the devilishly handsome Aland. The Constellaziogēn warrior is ready to claim his mate and nothing—and no one—will come between him and his woman.

Line: Aeon (Futuristic/Sci-Fi)
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook

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Somber Resplendence
(sequel to Pisces Phenomenon)
by Mandy M. Roth

Ellora's Cave (Aeon)
April 1, 2009
Available: April 22, 2009
ISBN #1419922009
EAN #9781419922008
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