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Reaver had been a demon hunter for most of his life, and in his experience, when demons attacked, the only thing left to do was clean up the mess. At the scene of a particularly vicious attack, he was stunned to discover a survivor-an ethereally beautiful girl, who was unable to speak, and didn't seem to understand anything. Calling her Chica, he took her under his wing, determined to find out what happened to her. What he discovers will change both their lives.

There are a few necessary things to make an awesome story, and this one has them all. Handsome but tortured hero? Check. Beautiful and mysterious heroine who can kick butt? Check. Scorching hot nookie that could fry your monitor? Check! Oh, and as an added bonus, the plot is great, and the backstory with secondary characters from SUNDOWN, INC. makes everything that much better. Excellent job!


Sofie is a woman who sees the world in black and white. There is no such thing as the paranormal, and there is definitely no such thing as vampires. Which causes a problem, because the victim in the murder she is investigating is a vampire, and the special consultant she brings in is an Elf. Oh, and she is a werewolf, but in denial about the whole thing. Finn is an expert on languages, and also an Elf. When he recognizes the symbols on the murder victim, he knows that things are about to hit the fan, but can't resist the chance to get to know Sofie a lot better. Will he be able to help Sofie, and still save the world?

An identity crisis is a terrible thing, but you would think that getting furry for three days a month would be a little hard to deny. It cracked me up how Sofie kept trying, and how Finn finally managed to get her to admit the truth. Finn's issue with the opposite sex cracked me up too, because the mental pictures that went along with some of the scenes were just hilarious. The romance between Finn and Sofie was very sexy, but I would expect nothing less from Ms. Marsters! This was another fantastic story!


You know a date has ended bad when you wind up dead at the end of it. Paige thought the handsome man she met was too good to be true, and she was right. When she woke up after her date, she had a craving for blood, and the worst hickey ever. Welcome to the world of vampires. Unsure what to do, she called her best friend Jamie, who knew everything about the paranormal, only to discover that Jamie's boss Rafael was the vampire who turned her-and he wants both of them.

Wow there was a complicated love triangle in this story! Jamie loved Paige, Rafael loved Paige and Jamie both, and Paige loved both of them, but was unsure of her feelings, because men had always wanted to be with her. Poor girl! Anyway, she has lots of fun working through her issues, because apparently sex is the key. A lot of sex. Sex is also the key to working through both Paige and Rafael's issues with biting. Call it vampire therapy. Anyway, by the end of the story, everything is worked out, and you will either wish for a vampire of your own, or marvel at their endurance.


Chloe was not your typical woman with the looks of a supermodel. She was a siren, a mythical being capable of compelling a man to do anything just with her voice. Oh, and she could turn into a 6 foot eagle with a woman's head, all the better for carrying off her prey to enjoy at her leisure. When she decides to take a vacation, Vegas seemed the place to go, and in the process, she meets Alexius. The son of a Greek god, he had it all-looks, stamina, bedroom skills, and the ability to heal himself. It was perfect, until Chloe was kidnapped by a collector of supernatural beings, and Alexius was the man who found her for him. Will Chloe be able to escape, or will she be trapped in a version of hell forever?

You have heard a woman called a maneater before, but this story just cracked me up, because the wordplay was hilarious. The romance between Alexius and Chloe was intense, volcanic, and spicy. I especially liked how Ms. Marsters puts her own spin on the characters, giving Chloe the ability to not only enchant men, but also kick their butts if she needed to. Excellent work!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted July 23, 2009


When Reaver finds a girl so shocked by demon possession she can't speak, he doesn't expect her to be the best demon fighter he's ever seen. But before he can give in to what he never knew he needed, he's got to figure out who she is... and why the hell he wants her so much.

Sofie's trying to solve a vampire murder. Problem. Her new partner's utterly irresistible, but he asks far too many questions. Finn can't help noticing for someone who doesn't believe in the paranormal, Sofie goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid full moons, silver, and any mention of lone wolves.

When Paige wakes up with the worst love-bite of her life, there's only one person she can turn to for help -- her old friend Jamie. Rafael's never been shy about taking what he wants, and right now, Rafael wants Paige -- and Jamie, too.

For Chloe, human interaction is an absolute disaster. It's tough to form a meaningful relationship when you have the dating skills of a praying mantis. Alexius is about to find out when a siren says you look good enough to eat, she's really not joking... Fortunately, Alexius has a few tricks of his own up his family tree.

Sundown Investigations -- where all our operatives give every case that extra personal touch.

Note:This collection includes the previously released novellas Never Leave Me, Duty and the Beast, Unholy Trinity, and Maneater.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Collections
Theme(s): Vampires, Werewolves, Magic and Mayhem
Series: Sundown, Inc.
Length: Collection

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Sundown International (Collection)
(Sundown International: Books 1-4)
by Cat Marsters

Changeling Press
June 1, 2009
Available: June 1, 2009
ISBN #1605211710
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