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Limpet and Associates is still in London trying to find the Underground. Of course, at the end of A DROP OF RED, Dawn and her fellow vampire hunters had a confrontation with some strange vampires and the creatures they controlled at Queenshill—a private school for girls. Ever since then, Dawn's mom—Eva—has been moved into their headquarters for her safety. Breisi is not exactly happy with this turn of events. The team still has not been able to identify the body they have in the morgue, of the strange young man with his heart on the right side of his body. After the fight, the team at least has some experience with the vampires they'll be dealing with. And where to start searching.

After the fight at Queenshill, the house matron, Mrs. Jones, has moved the girls to another location for their safety. After all, her and Wolfie have to keep the girls safe. When Mrs. Jones leaves them to meet with Wolfie, Violet—recently deposed leader of their group—decides to run away from the other three. Now that Della is in charge, Violet knows she won't have an easy time of it anymore. And so she escapes and manages to find the team's headquarters where she demands to speak with Dawn—and only Dawn.

Arming herself to the teeth, Dawn goes outside to meet with the girl vampire, even refusing to allow any of the Friends to come with her. In order to get information for Costin, Dawn allows a mind link with the vampire and learns quite a bit—not everything, but still useful information. The next thing Dawn knows, the team is calling her back in the house as a flock of ravens appear. And these ravens tear the vampire apart.

Meanwhile, Dawn is still dealing with her issues of guilt concerning turning Costin/Jonah into a vampire. She's worried that Costin won't be able to use his "special" abilities when it comes down to the final fight with the Master Vampire. Not to mention the fact Dawn had to strike a bargain with Jonah. She had to agree to let Jonah participate more—something she's not happy about.

Why did the vampires attack the vampire? Who was behind it? Will the team be able to learn enough to take on the Underground? What of the mysterious boy in the morgue?

THE PATH OF RAZORS perfectly describes this story in the VAMPIRE BABYLON series. Chris Marie Green does it once again as she brings this gritty, compelling story to thrilling life. Once again, the story focuses on Dawn. Not only is Dawn trying to create some kind of relationship with her ex-vampire mother, but she's also dealing with her strange relationship with Costin/Jonah. And on top of that, Dawn is afraid of succumbing to the darkness within her. Dawn is indeed walking THE PATH OF RAZORS attempting to come to grips with everything going on in her life. The only constant is her desire to help Costin regain his soul. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted July 22, 2009


Mean girls come in all forms—including undead. London couldn't be further from L.A., but stuntwoman-turned-vampire hunter Dawn Madison knows that her job hasn't changed—find the local vampire Underground and wipe it out. She and her team have located the vamps' lair at a private girls' school and now they have the undead on the run. But the vicious pack is starting to realize that its greatest threat may be from within its own ranks.

Meanwhile, Dawn finds her psychic powers—and urge to hunt—growing. And as unrest rocks the Underground, Dawn begins to fall prey to her own dark desires.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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The Path of Razors
(Vampire Babylon: Book 5)
by Chris Marie Green

Ace Books
August 1, 2009
Available: August 4, 2009
ISBN #0441017207
EAN #9780441017201
336 pages
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