"An incredible fantasy romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat!"

Moira is on the run from enemies who send gargoyles and concrete snakes to capture her. She doesn't know who they are, but guessed they are after her due to some magic she called on unwittingly when she was young. Tired of running, she wants to retrieve some pages of the grimoire in order to find the truth of who she is. For this, she needs magic that is greater than she possesses at the moment. Though reluctant, she has no choice but to call on a being from The Wild to aid her in her quest.

Being of a proud race, Kiron is enraged when he realizes he is enslaved by a witch to do her bidding. Though he wants nothing more than to be free (her death would release him from the bond), he can't stand aside and watch her die. Both curiosity and desire prompt him to aid her in her quest, to discover that this hated witch is more than she appears and soon, he may be faced with a choice that would tear him apart...

This book is brilliant! The opening sucked me right into the thick of the action, and I found myself anxiously scrolling down to know what's going to happen next. The book proceeds at a good pace, with a mix of fast-paced action scenes and slow and relaxing scenes of love and renewal. The worldbuilding is superb, with a healthy and interesting mix of magic and mythology.

Moira is a courageous young woman who does what needs to be done according to her own beliefs, though she is in turns lonely and frustrated and scared. I feel that Ms. Dubois' characterization of Kiron is spot on, especially with regard to his attitude toward humans, such as his impatience with the "puny, useless body" of a human male. He being a mighty and strong centaur, I can see where he's coming from. The chemistry between these two sizzles, and the veggie sex is yummy; and I bet you that it's not what you think it is.

The author's writing for the most part is clear and engrossing, but there are one or two scenes where I don't understand what has happened. Nevertheless, this didn't detract me from my enjoyment of the story.

I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Dubois' offerings.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted July 21, 2009


Destiny is waiting…

Moira doesn’t know who’s hunting her, but she knows why. In her youth she unleashed a deadly force that killed everything within range—a strange power she has vowed never to use again.

Needing protection, she risks a bit of the old magic to call for backup. She gets more than she asks for. A lot more. A proud, sexually magnetic, enraged centaur who’s far from a quiet, obedient servant.

Kiron at first tries to intimidate the witch into freeing him, but she possesses more backbone than the average human. When she’s attacked again, he realizes she’s not a real witch. In fact, she’s not even human. And the sparks flying between them have nothing to do with the magical shackles that bind them together.

Curiosity grows to admiration, then to a love that in the end may not be enough to protect her. Moira’s enemies are closing in, intending to harness her power to restore a dark kingdom that has lain dormant for a thousand years.

There’s only one, heart-wrenching way out—give herself over to the full extent of her powers hoping that her true destiny lies with Kiron, and not in fulfilling a prophecy of death…

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel

Warning: A super-hot centaur, kinky sex with vegetation and an extensive discussion of the ecological importance of primeval forests.

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Calling the Wild
by Lila Dubois

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 23, 2009
ISBN #1605045918
EAN #9781605045917
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