"Wonderfully written story of two enemies coming together"

Suma is doing what she must to protect her people from vampires; she is called a skinwalker and takes on the form of a wolf. Alone and cast out of her tribe she still holds to a promise she made to protect them from any harm. When she discovers that vampires are being brought into the area in large numbers she knows she has a huge task in front of her, along with the fact that traps have been set to try and capture her.

Rayne is part of a Watcher Cell; it is his job to protect humans and civilized vampires from the rogues that have come into the area. He has been sent on a mission to stop a black wolf that is killing vampires. To his shock he discovers that the woman he has been fantasizing about is the wolf, now he must prove to Suma that not all vampires are evil and that what they have found together can work regardless of all the obstacles in their way.

D. McEntire has written a story that proves two people who seem so different are not that different after all, and they can overcome whatever problems may tear them apart. Well written, not over the top, kept my interest with multiple plots for the characters, not just the rogues but also the man trying to trap Suma's wolf.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted July 21, 2009


The chosen one…with no choice at all.

The Watchers, Book 3

Suma lives life on the edge—in more ways than one. As her tribe’s chosen protector, her role is far from a privilege. It has sentenced her to a life of isolation, shunned by the very people she is sworn to protect. But protect them she will, no matter what the cost to herself.

When she discovers the gorgeous hunk she’s been eyeballing is actually a vampire, she doesn’t hesitate to mark him as the next evil creature she has vowed to hunt down.

There’s a Rogue-killing black wolf loose in a local state park, and Rayne is not too happy to be pulled away from his Watcher Cell in Louisville to check it out. The simple investigation turns complicated when he realizes the wolf is a female Skinwalker. And that Skinwalker is Suma. How does he know? It takes one to know one.

And when they cross fangs, another fact hits him right between the eyes—she’s his mate. Even though their passion runs hotter than the magic burning under their skin, in the end there’s only one real choice.

To answer the call of love…or the call to duty.

Genre: Paranormal
Length: Category

Warning: Gruesome battles, dim-witted rogue vampires and awesome sex with real fireworks.

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Midnight Revelations
(The Watchers: Book 3)
by D. McEntire

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 2, 2009
ISBN #160504573X
EAN #9781605045733
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