"Everyone loves a hot sexy pirate!"

Tera just wanted to escape. A scion of one of the oldest and most influential families in the galaxy, she was expected to be perfect-the perfect daughter, and eventually the perfect wife. Fed up with the corruption she saw every day, Tera stole a secret, then stole a spaceship to get away. She managed to get off planet, and away from the men chasing her, only to land in the clutches of space pirates. Prepared to fight to the death, she was stunned to find out that the leader of the pirates was one of the handsomest men she had ever seen, and he needed her help. Will she be able to do the task assigned to her without letting her feelings get involved?

Gilthen Ahn was the captain of the Dark Haven, and the leader of a pirate cartel. Needing funds, he was thrilled to discover that the latest ship they captured carried a very important cargo, Tera, the woman who was the key to his latest scheme. What will Gil do when his feelings for Tera start to go much deeper than he wants?

A PIRATE'S PASSION was a very entertaining read. As far as the plot went, it was almost like reading a regency set in space, except for the romance. I really admired Tera's character. When she saw the corruption around her, instead of just sticking her head in the sand she tried to do something about it, and she wasn't going to just let Gil walk all over her. Gil really cracked me up too, because he had such a quirky sense of humor, and he loved giving Tera a hard time. The love scenes between the two were very well done, and very steamy. All in all, this was a quick fun read!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted July 21, 2009


Pirate captain Gil Ahn's plan is simple. Get his captive to teach him how to be a Gentleman, so he can fleece a rich woman of money. What could possibly go wrong?

Gilthen Ahn is captain of the Darck Banks cartel, one of the more notorious pirate bands in Republic space. He has four ships under his command. And, unless he finds money to pay his debts, he'll lose everything.

Poor little rich girl, Tera d'Olzon, is trying to make a difference by thumbing her nose at the despotic Republic, but things haven't quite turned out the way she anticipated. After running from the Security Force, she is "rescued" by Gil's cartel.

The reasonable thing for the cartel to do is to ransom her. But that won't bring in the money that Gil desperately needs. So he hatches a plan...

Genre: Erotic Rating - Total-e-burning: Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
Genre: Futuristic/ Sci-Fi, Erotic
Book Length: Novel

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A Pirate's Passion
by K. S. Augustin

May 1, 2009
Available: May 4, 2009
ISBN #1906811660
EAN #9781906811662
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