"One Independent Woman, Two Stubborn Men, Equals One Entertaining Read!"

Jules' life has been hell ever since her fathers stepped down as the Leo's of the White Sands Pride. A call went out to all unattached male lions under their domain. It is the tradition of her pride to have two Leo's and one Lioness in charge. As the Leo's daughter she knew she had a duty to her clan of powerful werelions, to mate with the two strongest who would become her mates. She is sick of males trying to persuade her to mate them, even though she is not ready. She will one day settle down and bear the cubs as she is expected to to carry on the Kingston family name, but she wanted to see the world first. When she found out Gabriel and Lucas Beckett were home on the neighboring ranch she panicked! Gabe and Luke are demanding, controlling and arrogant, and two of the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. She did the only thing she could do, she ran!

Luke and Gabe Beckett knew three years ago that Jules was destined to be their mate, but agreed to put off mating until she finished school. Now that she is home, they are ready to claim what is theirs. When she tries to run, they take her back to their ranch and stake their claim. She fights them every step of the way. But danger comes when Luke and Gabe aren't the only lions wanting Jules. Now they must accept a mating challenge. Are Luke and Gabe dominant enough to keep Jules, or will they lose their Lioness and their pride!

Claiming Their Mate is a very erotic read, not for the faint of heart. Jules is a strong character with a sense of duty, but just not wanting to fullfill that duty yet. She is funny, headstrong and totally loveable! Gabe and Luke are two handsome, capable men, strong enough to dominate and love the very independent Lioness. Loved the plot, and the love scenes were very, very hot! I cannot wait to see what Ms. McKellan will come up with next!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted July 18, 2009


Red-hot animal attraction.

A Feral Attraction story.

Jules Kingston is a WereLion destined to be the next Lioness of the White Sands Pride. Her fathers, having decided to step down as Leos, have put out a call for a pair of lions to mate with their daughter. Before settling down with mates and a litter of cubs, though, Jules wants to spread her wings.

Of all the Lions in the Pride, Gabriel and Lucas Beckett are the only two who make her panties wet-and the last two she would ever take on as mates. When the brothers stake their claim, she runs, cursing her hormones for reacting to such prime specimens of her species.

Gabe and Luke have known for years that Jules is meant to be their mate. The trick will be to convince their woman she belongs to them. As expected, Jules leads them on a merry chase.

Then a mate fight and hunt is called by a rival pair. To win Jules as their own, Gabe and Luke must prove their dominance over the Pride-and their woman.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, stubborn men, an independent woman and red hot romance.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

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Claiming Their Mate
(A Feral Attraction: Book 1)
by Paige McKellan

Samhain Publishing
April 1, 2008
Available: April 15, 2008
ISBN #1599989158
EAN #9781599989150
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