"Another Twist on the Vampire Lure!"

Prince Devlin is leader of the Omega Force, whose purpose is to hunt down outcast vampires called Shadow Dwellers. Heir to the royal family, Devlin must succumb to the vampire society and marry a woman who has been chosen for him. Tankura is a beautiful and innocent vampire, and when Prince Devlin lays eyes on her he is struck by her beauty. As they join in marriage, two strangers learn about one another. Begininng to have feeling for one another, they cannot deny the strong sexual attraction they share.

Thus begins the tale of two strong willed people trying to find a way to deal with thier arranged situation. As their passion flares hot, the members of the Shadow Dwellers conspire to rip them apart. Is their newfound love strong enough to survive or will the Shadow Dwellers succeed in destroying them both?

With well written love scenes, and attention to detail, I found Dream Lover a very action packed, interesting read. With a different take on the vampire lore, I am interested to see where she takes this series next. If you like strong vampire characters, hot love scenes and fast paced action then this book is a must read!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted July 18, 2009


Prince Devlin is a fearsome vampire warrior, heir to the throne, and the leader of the infamous Omega Force Fleet. Devlin is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and in the bedroom a real player, until he lays eyes on his betrothed Tankura. She is all he never knew he wanted in a mate, the sexual intensity of their passion threatens to consume them both in an abyss of ecstasy.

A forced marriage neither of them wanted, a sexual bond so strong that neither of them could deny. Devlin battles to hold unto his heart, while Tankura is determined to steal his very soul. Devlin will transform from Tankura’s “Dream Lover” into the mate of her fantasies.

Genre: Vampire Romantic Suspense
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Hot

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Dream Lover
(Chronicles of the Vampire Society: Volume 1)
by Topaz Jordyn

Amira Press
May 1, 2009
Available: May 21, 2009
ISBN #1935348396
EAN #9781935348399
194 pages
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