"An electrifying romance within a twisted B horror story"

Joyous is a biographer writing under the pen name Audrey. Joyous' life has been horrendous. Her parents should never have been parents, leaving her in the care of nannies and schools so that they wouldn't be bothered with their defective child. To build on that hurt, her boyfriend left her after her miscarriage of a child that Joyous only realized that she really wanted after it was gone. She can no longer stomach winter or Christmas, so she flees half way across the world to a remote island near Fiji.

At her new tropical paradise, she meets Ambrose. Ambrose was a great American writer who mysteriously disappeared in 1914, yet he is on the island, alive and seemingly young. Her vacation takes an even more odd turn when she must put her life in Ambrose's hands because the island is under attack by zombies and ghouls. Ambrose has his hands full, dealing with killing the army of zombies and ghouls, keeping Joyous' heart beating, and guarding his own heart from the love that is taking root.

This book started out a little weird, with about 15 pages of rambling thoughts from Joyous, without a bit of dialogue. She finally makes it to the island and it gets weirder when she meets Ambrose. He apparently is hot, but he has a few features that are not normal, such as extremely pale skin and black eyes, but Joyous takes all that in stride. Then he tells her his name, one that she recognizes as a man who disappeared in 1914, and she takes that statement with humor. However, she quickly realizes that he really is Ambrose and that he was kind of a zombie and now he is also a werewolf. Me? I would have been hysterical and probably would have tried to swim to the main island, but not Joyous. She hung right in there after being chased by a zombie and learning what Ambrose is. Joyous is an overly brave woman with a debilitating heart defect, but that doesn't stop her from giving her all, or from giving Ambrose a run for his money. Ambrose has been alone for so long, and I think that he had given up on the thought of love or companionship, and then Joyous blasts into his life.

Needless to say, Divine Fantasy is unlike any other book that I have ever read. In the beginning of the book, I even almost laid it down because I wasn't sure if I could handle the rambling thoughts of Joyous. However, there was just enough of an element of intrigue there that I found I couldn't put the book down at all and ended up reading the whole book in one sitting.

Melanie Jackson writes Divine Fantasy from witty Joyous' point of view. This turned out to be a fun and humorous point of view. Despite the long-thought processes that sometimes took up over a page, this was still an action-packed and uniquely fun and interesting book to read. I have to say that I am happy to have read the book.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted July 17, 2009


Ambrose Bierce, great American writer and lycanthrope has been living in exile on an island in Figi hoping to avoid the attention of the evil Saint Germain. His decade of peaceful living is disturbed by the arrival of a biographer, Joyous Jones, and then a horde of zombies. Trapped on an island as the zombie horde closes in, help arrives from an unexpected quarter; the Wildside fey.

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Divine Fantasy
(Divine: Book 4)
by Melanie Jackson

Love Spell
January 1, 2009
Available: January 27, 2009
ISBN #0505528037
EAN #9780505528032
336 pages
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