"great characters, brilliant worldbuilding, excellent writing -- an excellent read!"

Bred to be an assassin, Pandora Fourteen is a crossbreed of several races with a unique weapon--sexual poison. The only man who can touch her without dire consequences is Steel, a childhood friend from whom she was separated at a young age. However, circumstances conspire to ensure they meet again, and they fall in love only to be torn apart by Pandora's superior. Now, fourteen years later, they meet again, but Steel is hired as a bounty hunter to capture Pandora...

Pandora's Box is one hell of a delicious story! I was swept away by the awesome worldbuilding and the complex characters that Ms. Hill has created. The chemistry between Pandora and Steel was sizzling hot, but I like the fact that even from the start, when they are so hot for each other, there's also love and affection beneath the attraction. Like the myth to which the title refers, Pandora's (and other crossbreeds like her) conception created a whole host of problems for society and the government, and on a personal level, her decision produced misunderstandings that drove her and Steel apart for many years. Yet, underneath all the ugliness that is revealed is the hope that in the end, a forever kind of love will prevail.

Though this is book 4 in the series, you don't have to read the previous books in order to understand this story. Although by the time you finish, you'll be hankering to get the first 3 books, and maybe even consider badgering the author to write the next one soon.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted July 10, 2009


Pandora Fourteen has been trained in the arts of seduction and assassination. To test her skills, she is ordered to seduce ACT Corps officer Steel. Pandora and Steel had been reared in a lab and were inseparable until the government forced them apart. They are explosively attracted to each other when they meet again. To Pandora, seducing Steel is no longer an assignment, but when she decides to turn her back on her career to marry him, threats from her manipulative superior separate them once again.

After Pandora spurns Steel’s affection, he leaves the ACT Corps for a new life in the notorious Delilah Sector, where he becomes an intergalactic bounty hunter. His all-consuming love for Pandora had nearly destroyed him. Yet when the government hires him to track down Pandora, who has disappeared before completing her latest assignment, he can’t resist the chance to see her again. Finally reunited, their lust burns hotter than the sun, but the past has left scars that might never be healed.

Line: Aeon (Sci-Fi, Futuristic
Series: Alien Affairs
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Pandora's Box
(Alien Affairs: Book 4)
by Kate Hill

Ellora's Cave (Aeon)
May 1, 2009
Available: May 22, 2009
ISBN #1419921932
EAN #9781419921933
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