"Two Lives Collide with Heat and Passion"

Unbeknownst to just married Clara Taborenski, she is a pawn in a game she knows nothing about. Stepping out of the church after saying "I Do", Clara is kidnapped my a masked man on horseback. Taken to an unknown location, not knowing what is about to happen. Expecting to be beaten and raped or killed, what happens changes her life forever.

Julian, aka Shadow Hunter, is not what she expected. Julian is a mercenary known as the Shadow Hunter. After only receiving partial payment for a job done, Julian went after Chris Taborenski. When confronted, Chris offered Clara up as payment. A woman that touches Julian in a way no one has before. After a week goes by and they are drawn closer to one another, Julian decides it is time to let her go. In her first step of freedom she confronts her husband, which in turn puts her life in danger. Returning to the only truly safe place she knows, she runs back to Julian. Trying to stay one step ahead of a ruthless killer, they discover a love undeniable.

This story was a great view into the lives of two very different people that find love in an unexpected way. All they have to do is open up to each other to get to know the "real" person. You really feel the bond that develops between Clara and Julian, believeing in meant to be! With a great storyline, endearing characters and lots of love scenes, Shadow Hunter makes a great read!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted July 9, 2009


He is a century old legend who haunts the present day...

When Julian Winston, aka Shadow Hunter, is denied payment from a contract murder, he seeks restitution with the head of his client. In turn, he is offered a priceless commodity. Clara Singer, his client's wife. Never could he have imagined the abduction of Clara to ignite a dormant flame only she fueled to life.

A week of captivity brings Clara to the precipice of comfort and deception. She finds a disturbing calm in Julian as she faces the truth behind her abduction. Once released, she quickly returns to Julian. She has become a new target for murder.

Together, Clara and Julian are on the run, keeping a hairbreadth step ahead of a cold, merciless killer. They find shelter in the undisputable attraction between each other, even as the threat of death hovers around. Can they endure the pursuit for a chance at love? Or will death claim them both?

Categories: Contemporary Paranormal Mainstream Romance
Heat Level: STEAMY

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Shadow Hunter
by Kara Wills

July 1, 2009
Available: July 9, 2009
ISBN #160601403X
EAN #9781606014035
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