"the Queen of Kink is about to fall hard"

As a dragon, Eden should have the instincts to be at home, making a life with a family of her own. Instead, she stays away from her family and lives for her job. Then her older brother calls her the Queen of Kink, among other things. Eden is devastated and sets out to prove that she isn't as bad as he said. At Carpe Noctem, a vampire club, Eden meets Colin and feels immediate chemistry. After just one night, neither of them can get enough and they soon find out that they are bloodmates. To Eden's horror, she also learns that Colin knows her family and he is actually her new brother- in-law.

Colin is infuriated when he realizes that Eden is the black sheep that he has heard so much about, because he knows that she isn't anything like the person he was made to believe that she was. He is about to show Eden and her brothers just what kind of person she is, once and for all.

This second book of the Darkworld series is packed with more emotion than the first, making it an even more enjoyable read. I felt so bad for Eden, even after I found out just why her brother had done what he had. I met Colin in the first book and liked him then, so I was glad that this book was about his story.

Without giving too much away, the elder brothers of these two families have been cooking up and drawing out their plans for their siblings, and each plan gets more complicated and intense. I look forward to the third book and hopefully their next devious plan!

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted July 9, 2009


Black dragon Eden Antaeus is a bad girl. Or so her brother Sean would have her believe. When Sean tells Eden she's the Queen of Kink, someone who can't get off on normal sex, Eden runs straight to the vampire club Carpe Noctem to find someone to have vanilla sex with. What Eden finds is Colin Granville, her brother Declan's new brother in law. Desire burns hot between them despite the lack of surnames and after one night together, they both want more. Getting past the discovery that their siblings are married, Colin teaches Eden that she's not the Queen of Kink and Eden finds a love, and a life, she never expected to have.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Shapeshifter
Length: Novella

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Hot Water
(Tales of the Darkworld: Book 2)
by Lex Valentine

Pink Petal Books
March 1, 2009
Available: March 5, 2009
ISBN #098248853X
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