"the final chapter of the Drake Sister series was filled with plenty of action, romance, and emotion"

When Elle Drake, the youngest and most powerful of the magical Drake sisters, goes undercover for Interpol in hopes of bringing down a human trafficking ring, little does anyone suspect the horrendous ordeal she'll end up enduring. Stavros Gratsos, to all the world appears as nothing more than a handsome, wealthy and charitable shipping magnate courting the lovely Sheena MacKenzie, a beautiful socialite. But when Sheena (aka Elle) attempts to break off the courtship, things go horribly wrong. Stavros is a man used to getting what he wants -- and what he wants is Sheena.

When Elle goes missing for more than a month, her agency writes her off as dead. But Elle's family knows better, as does Jackson Deveau. Jackson is the handsome ex-Army Ranger and now Sea Haven Deputy Sheriff whom Elle connected telepathically with while he was held captive in a foreign land. Suffering from his own brutal upbringing and tragedies, Jackson at first wants nothing to do with Elle and her Drake family legacy. But when Jackson hears Elle reach out to him from afar, he realizes that the woman he loves is in trouble danger and there is nothing -- or no one -- who will keep him from saving her.

In what is the seventh and final book from the Drake Sister Series, Feehan touches on some very ugly, but real-life human issues -- namely, human trafficking, rape, and torture. The first part of this book, which was heartbreaking to read and was quite descriptive in nature, was in my opinion extremely well written. I also thought she did a wonderful job of showing that recovering from such an ordeal, both mentally and physically, is not achieved overnight or over the course of a few days. A person is left scarred, both inside and out, and is never quite the same. I applaud Ms. Feehan for being bold enough to broach these very sensitive subjects.

As a couple, I found Elle and Jackson well-matched since Jackson was all too aware of what Elle had been through since he had also been a victim and was still dealing with the aftermath months after being rescued.

The only part I found disappointing was the ending. I won't go into details so as not to give spoilers away, but I thought the whole thing was rather anticlimactic. There was such a build up to Stavros coming back for Elle and the strong psychic power that he evidently possessed, that well, I was expecting a bigger showdown between him and the Drake clan. I just felt he deserved more punishment than he received, but maybe that's just me. Evidently Ms. Feehan is a much better woman than I am because I would've made the man pay -- and pay dearly.

Overall I really enjoyed final chapter of the Drake Sister series. It was filled with plenty of action, romance, and more emotion than any of the other books and I found myself unable to put the book down. The ending of a series is always a bit sad for me, especially after I've invested years of coming to know the characters. I'm not sure if Ms. Feehan plans to revisit any of the sisters, their descendants or other characters from the novel, but I can always hope.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted July 8, 2009


Elle Drake has gone missing. She’s a strong telepath and even her six magical sisters cannot find her, although they all agree she is alive. Something terrible has happened or she would have contacted them and let them know where she is.

Jackson Deveau, a deputy sheriff in the small village of Sea Haven, off the northern California coast, has known that Elle is destined for him. When she disappears, he gathers with his friends, Jonas Harrington and Ilya Prakenskii, and Elle’s sisters to find her and bring her safely home. But Sea Haven is no longer safe for any of them and it takes every bit of strength the combination of all the Drakes and their men to survive the coming storm.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Magic, Contemporary


Hidden Currents
(The Drake Sisters: Book 7)
by Christine Feehan

June 1, 2009
Available: June 30, 2009
ISBN #0515146471
EAN #9780515146479
480 pages
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