"Come meet the first of the sexy Spenser vampire family!"

Orlando returns home to Scotland after suffering a huge loss at the gambling tables in Las Vegas. He is met by his disappointed parents and ordered to return to Las Vegas. The Elders have decided to grant him permission to find a suitable life mate, and with that grant comes a few terms. He must find his mate in Las Vegas, she must win more than she has lost, she must be a virgin, and she must know that he is a vampire and be willing to join him in immortality. Orlando doesn't want to find a mate, because he enjoys playing with an endless supply of ladies. However, he cannot defy the order sent down by the Elders. On his first night back in Las Vegas, he senses her come into the room and knows that his mate has arrived. He turns to see her and beholds Natasha. She immediately pulls him under her spell. Orlando has no idea the amount of frustration or the amount of pleasure that Natasha holds in store for him. Orlando has a huge ego and knows that he is sexy and irresistible to mortal women.

Natasha knows the first time that she meets Orlando's gaze that she belongs to him. That doesn't mean that she is going to give over her virginity so easy, especially when she learns that he is a vampire and that she has no choice, because she is a chosen one.

Sparks flew between Natasha and Orlando from their first meeting. Natasha knows all about vampires and vampire brides and has no intention of giving up her virginity or her old life. It was fun watching her struggle with her desires, only to finally give in to her fate. Natasha is spoiled and used to getting her way, and she blew hot and cold so much, it became frustrating for me. When she finally gives in, she gives in fully, and that was as sweet as it was a relief.

Orlando's huge ego got in his way a time or two, but he was so taken by Natasha, he gave in to her whims quite a bit. I nearly laughed at seeing his ego knocked down a time or two. His instant love and devotion to Natasha was evident and I enjoyed watching him persuade Natasha to accept his gift of love and immortality.

The end of this book sets us up for the next installment of the series, involving Orlando's twin brother and Natasha's sister. By their initial meeting, I am sure that their courtship is going to be just as exciting and difficult. I look forward to reading of Almonzo's fight for Tabitha.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted July 7, 2009


Orlando Spenser is not a nice vampire. Self-indulgent and egotistical, he loses his fortune gambling in Las Vegas, and the elders want retribution. Orlando must recover his fortune by finding a virgin bride who is also a big winner in Las Vegas.

About to give up, Orlando stumbles onto his future bride. But Natasha has more than her virginity to offer up as a wager and is not about to accept her destined fate to spend eternity with vampire royalty.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal / Vampire Romance

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Winning Virgin Blood
(The Winning Virgin: Book 1)
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Siren Publishing
April 1, 2008
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