"Well written...Two vampire stories in one book"


Sarah, who was injured in a fire, is having vivid dreams of her and Devlin. What Sarah does not know is that Devlin is real and a vampire. After one of her intense dreams, Devlin comes to Sarah and shows her what life could be like as his mate and as a vampire.

Devlin has known since the fire that Sarah was his mate and a Chosen, now he must fight to win her love and save her life.

Will Sarah take the offer that Devlin has made or remain scarred and alone for the rest of her life?

Once Bitten

Hailey has no use for men right now after a break up with her boyfriend, but one night she meets an old friend that she cannot seem to resist, but she finds out that he is a vampire.

Bennett has been in love with Hailey since high school; can he now win her love and get her to accept him as a vampire? Will Hailey let Bennett change her forever so that they can stay together? He has always known that she was his mate and a Chosen, now he has to convince her that what they have is worth fighting for.

I found both these stories well written and they held my interest. The chemistry between the two couples was cute, and funny with their constant banter. As well as sexually charged. I wish both stories were longer because I wanted to read more of what they go through in their budding relationships.

Reviewed by Annette Stone
Posted July 7, 2009



Sarah was disfigured by a fire while saving the life of a child, while the vampire, Devlin, watched helplessly. Through dreams, he has spent months coming to her, loving and making love to her. Finally he comes to her in the night and tells her he can give her back her beauty - by making her a vampire - even though its forbidden.


Hailey is on the rebound from "The Jerk." High school chum Bennett offers her a ride home. Bennett is a vampire - a natural vampire. He can read minds and is pleased to find that Hailey finds him attractive. He's always had a crush on her. But what will happen when he reveals his true identity to her, and she discovers he's much more than he seems?

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Anthology

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Forbidden & Once Bitten
by Hope Welsh

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
July 1, 2009
Available: July 1, 2009
ISBN #1603135553
EAN #9781603135559
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