"A hot, sexy romp in a futuristic setting where anything goes"

Lia takes classes on Outbay 33 in the Meridien Galaxy where "anything goes", including sex in front of a classroom full of students. And the object of her fantasies is none other than Daniel Harmon, her hot and sexy professor.

Daniel is in love with Lia, but the rules of the school forbids a relationship between a professor and his student. However, he is determined to do anything to have what he wants--Lia.

For starters, let me say the cover art is gorgeous, and I love it. With regard to the story, the first page plunged the reader right into the thick of things, which opened with Lia's sizzling examination of the professor, and the sexual tension took off from there as Daniel "punished" her in front of the whole class for not paying attention to his lecture. Punishments were never this naughty in classes I (or you) had attended!

However, for me, the story didn't flow so smoothly. At times, the characters' reactions and emotions seemed to be contradictory to what the situation warranted. Also, details popped out in several places that surprised me, as I didn't know where they came from. I think the author meant to use these details as a twist, but they would have been more effective and caused less confusion if some subtle foreshadowing had been done earlier on in the story.

The characters also possessed some talents, but these were never explained, nor was a boundary set. Toward the end, Lia was supposed to be in danger, however, her talents allowed her to escape so easily that Daniel's worry for her safety was unwarranted and that I feel was portrayed only to show that he cared about her. I feel that the story would have a more satisfactory ending if there were limits to the characters' powers that would make their struggle against evil more believable and their eventual triumph more rewarding.

Reviewed by Silver Winters
Posted July 7, 2009


A sex-starved student and a domineering professor are a powerful combination on Outbay 33.

What do you get when you put a sex-starved student and a domineering professor together? A classroom entirely devoted to sex on Outbay 33...

To learn something new, Lia is taking classes all about sex on notorious Outbay 33 in the Meridien galaxy in 2203 AD. She feels she could fall in love with the notorious Professor Daniel Harmon but when he singles her out from her forty classmates to punish her, she's made the mistake of talking back to him one too many times. Lia doesn't care much for being made an example but she did sign legal papers that 'anything goes' on Outbay 33 and there's no backing out now.

Professor Harmon has inexplicably fallen in love with the gorgeous Lia and his 'punishment'is merely a way of getting to know her better sexually. He is forbidden from having sex with the students but with Lia he must find a way and take the risk he'll lose his well-paid job ...

Erotic Rating: Total-e-burning -
Genre: Futuristic/ Shapeshifter/ Ménage à Trois/ Multiple partners
Book Length: Novella

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of ménage à trois, group sex and brief f/f interaction.

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Silent Witness
by Aurora Rose Lynn

June 1, 2009
Available: June 15, 2009
ISBN #1907010343
EAN #9781907010347
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