"A sequel you don't want to miss."

Brynn Adler, having been the victim of a kidnapping by werewolves so that their Alpha could get to her sister, knows that she has to do something drastic to stay safe. She's a weak link in sactuary, because if they can get to her they can get to her sister, Abby. The only way she knows of that will give her an edge is to become a werewolf herself. Now if she can only convince the others that this is the right thing to do.

Joe Mitchell has felt a growing protectiveness over Brynn since he rescued her from the clutches of Alan Matthews. When Brynn tells him of her idea Joe is vehemently against it. It's not a decision to make lightly or in haste. He's afraid she would regret it for the rest of her life.

The authors that make up Moira Rogers have made this sequel one you don't want to miss. Even better than the first book, Moira Rogers shows that you don't have to be an alpha female to be strong. I can't wait for the next installment.

Reviewed by Alicia Crider
Posted July 6, 2009


She’s ready to fight at his side. He’s fighting for the strength to let her go.

Red Rock Pass, Book 2

If there’s one thing that Brynn Adler hates, it’s feeling helpless and vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. Three weeks ago, life tossed her into just such a world. A world of werewolves she never knew existed—until she found out her sister was one of them.

The pack seems determined to hurry her back to the normal world of humans. But after everything she’s witnessed, she’s not sure she wants to go—especially if it means leaving not only her sister behind, but the one man who makes her forget her life is falling apart.

Now all she has to do is convince him to agree to a plan to force the pack to let her stay.

Joe Mitchell has been battling his protective instincts since he rescued Brynn from her kidnapper. Getting involved with her is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. She’s on shaky emotional ground, and a supernatural war is no place for a human woman. He’s not about to let her make a hasty decision, one that will only bring her pain and regret.

Now all he has to do is let her go.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters
Length: Category

Product Warnings: This book contains violence, a war between werewolf packs, hot, primal sex and sexual power games with a badass ex-Special Forces alpha who will do anything to keep his lover safe.

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Sanctuary Lost
(Red Rock Pass: Book 2)
by Moira Rogers

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 9, 2009
ISBN #1605045810
EAN #9781605045818
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