"Acceptance comes from the strangest people."

Gloria is the district nurse of the war torn town of Brytewood. She has everything a woman could ask for, a career, the respect of her town, and moonlight runs through the field as a fox. Gloria is a shape-shifting fox. She captures the eye of the manager of a secret factory that is whispered to be a munitions plant, named Andrew. Andrew falls fast and hard for the lovely nurse.

Their first date was almost ruined by bombs, but they recovered it with a passion filled night in an empty hotel room. As things begin to take a turn for the weird, Gloria finds out that her boss is half pixie, and that a dragon lives in town. She joins the ranks of the Others to fight and save her town from the vampire intent on destroying it.

Ms. Evans continues her saga of the small town of Brytewood during the World War. This tale picks up right where the first one left off and continues with a vengeance. From the first page to the last, the pace is fast and the action fierce. It was nice to revisit Alice and Peter and their friends. Gloria steals the show as a no nonsense woman who (with the help of pain medication) forces Andrew to declare his love for her in the middle of town by way of a kiss. Andrew holds his own even when his world is turned upside down.

The sheer number of Others present in the town makes me hope that there will be future tales from Brytewood. The lives of all its inhabitants will always have a warm place inside my heart. The remarkable gift Georgia Evans has for creating beautiful scenes that leap off the pages is one to be treasured. I can not wait to read the third book.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted July 6, 2009


There are more than foxes in the hedgerows...

As the district nurse for a country village outside London, Gloria has the respect of the town and the satisfaction of helping those who need it most. She'd lose both if anyone discovered that she turns into a furry red fox and runs through the Surrey hills by moonlight. But what she sees on those wild nights suggests Brytewood is under attack - from a saboteur with superhuman powers and the force of the Nazi Lufewaffe behind him. What can one werefox do against a predator with devastating weapons at his command - and the strength of the undead besides? What can a woman with a secret reveal without losing all she has? With the help of a couple of Devonshire Pixies, a Welsh dragon, and two men too stubborn to admit they're outnumbered, Gloria might just find out the answers...

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Paranormal


Bloody Awful
(Brytewood: Book 2)
by Georgia Evans

Kensington Publishing
July 1, 2009
Available: July 7, 2009
ISBN #0758234821
EAN #9780758234827
320 pages
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