"Hot and steamy doesn't do these justice."

Find 'em Hot, Leave 'em Wet by Jade Morrison

Officer Madison Rose knows that getting involved with firefighter Logan Wylde might not be the most intelligent thing to do, but who could blame her when his looks and charms caused her legs to go weak and her brain to turn to mush. When officers and firefights alike start getting killed and threatened after they were all involved in the same accident scene, she couldn't be more thankful that she and Logan had each others' backs.

Told in a humerous first person point of view, this book had me chuckling from the start. Mix that in with a little suspense, and a whole lot of hot and heavy love scenes and this story just couldn't go wrong. Jade Morrison's writing style drew me in, kept me there and made me an instant fan.

Ena's Fire by Shaunta Grimes

Ena Shannon, born an elemental witch with the magic of fire. put her talents to good use when she becomes a firefighter. Everyone on her team respects her enough to follow her lead. Everyone that is, except Charlie Reese who has just joined the team as their captain.

Charlie Reese can't help feeling protective of the little firefighter on his team. He'd rather see her at a desk job than risking her skin to the fires they fight. But he can't deny that she's never wrong when it comes to fires.

A very enjoyable read with an intense ending. I will be interested to see if Shaunta Grimes makes this into a series. It surely is a good start to one.

Reviewed by Alicia Crider
Posted June 26, 2009


Multi-Author Series

Find ‘em Hot, Leave ‘em Wet – By Jade Morrison

Find ‘em Hot, Leave ‘em Wet is a contemporary suspense novella about firefighter Logan Wylde and police officer Madison Rose. Sparks fly when they meet during an insignificant kitchen fire at criminal Jimmy Dawson’s town house. Taking advantage of the opportunity that Dawson’s out of town, and his housekeeper fled the scene after dialing 911, the cops arrive along with the fire department to do a quick unwarranted search of the premises. But Jimmy is a careful man, and the search reveals nothing suspicious. However, after the fire, cops and firefighters begin mysteriously dying.

For unknown reasons, Dawson is taking out those who responded to the 911 call. After Logan’s apartment is burned by a Molotov cocktail, he and Madison join together to find what Dawson is looking for, and why it’s important enough he will kill for it.

The attraction between Logan and Madison is instant. From the moment they literally run into each other at Dawson’s townhouse, to the heated, and intimately personal, tour of the fire station where Logan works, they can’t seem to keep their hands off one another. Despite the danger they find themselves in, the real danger comes from within. Because, when a fire burns this hot, there's only one way to quench it.

Ena’s Fire – Shaunta Grimes
Ena Shannon has a secret she can't let any of her fellow firefighters in on. She's one of four witch sisters, each having command of one of four elements. Ena lives with fire inside her, which makes her the most effective firefighter at Ember, Inc. during wildfire season despite her diminutive size.

The sexual tension between Ena and her captain, Charlie Reese, is high, and as much as Ena would like to walk away from it, it's too powerful to deny. After their boss benches Ena with some ridiculous story about her safety, consummating her relationship with Charlie seems the only way to cool the fire burning in her.

As they make love, it becomes startlingly clear that the intensity of their attraction is not merely pheromones. Ena's magic has recognized its mate in Charlie, and has begun to weave a web between them. With no other choice but to tell the truth, following a battle with yet another arson-started wildfire, she tells Charlie that she is a witch and he is her mate.

Before he has the chance to process this unbelievable information, all hell breaks loose.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Magic, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Anthology

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Hearts Afire: March
(Hearts Afire)
by Jade Morrison, Shaunta Grimes

Liquid Silver Books
March 1, 2009
Available: March 1, 2009
ISBN #1595785132
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