"sizzling love scenes, great story telling, and action galore"

Helen Day is alone in the world having never known her father and losing her mother in a house fire. She is haunted with the vision of her dying amid flames while a dark-haired man looks on, seemingly doing nothing to save her. Helen's worst nightmare comes true when she happens upon a stranger who she has no doubt is the man from her visions.

Drake is a centuries old Theronai warrior whose sole job is to defend the human race from Synestryn demons. Theronai males amass power within their bodies as they age and when they eventually find their mate, share their power with them through the luceria, a necklace and ring combination worn by the male and female. With no outlet to release the power, the males are slowly consumed over time. After most of Theronai women were killed 100 years ago, the Theronai males have given up nearly all hope of being saved, and have resigned themselves to living with the constant pain and torment within their bodies. Drake has endured this fate until the day Helen Day touches his body and all the years of pain literally drains away. How can a human woman have this effect on him? Could she be blooded - a descendant of Solarc and, therefore, compatible with Theronai males? Completely mystified by this human woman who apparently is also terrified of him, Drake is unsure of who -- or what -- she is. But one thing is does know is that now that he's found her, he's not letting her go.

Burning Alive is Shannon Butcher's first foray into paranormal romance and what a doozy it is! Filled with sizzling love scenes, great story telling, and action galore, fans of paranormal romance will rejoice to have Ms. Butcher finally join the genre!

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted June 26, 2009



There are worse ways to die...

They are the Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes--the Synestryn. Now, one warrior must fight his own desire if he is to discover the power that lies within his one true love...

For too long, Helen Day has been haunted by visions of her own death, surrounded by flames as a dark-haired man watches her burn. So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her across a diner, she attempts to flee--and ends up in the man's arms. There, she awakens a force more powerful and enticing than she could ever imagine.

The instant the Theronai warrior Drake touches Helen, the anguish he has borne for years fades away. He is determined to know why this beautiful, fearful woman has such power over him. The answer lies in his very blood--and in Helen's as well. For together, they may become more than lovers--they may become a weapon of light that could tip the balance of the war--and save Drake's people...

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Burning Alive
(The Sentinel Wars: Book 1)
by Shannon K. Butcher

NAL (Onyx)
May 1, 2009
Available: May 5, 2009
ISBN #0451412710
EAN #9780451412713
368 pages
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