"Finding love in battle."

Alice is the town doctor in the war torn town of Brytewood. Set in the midst of World War, Alice must keep the town in the best health she can with the rations of medical aide and finding homes for evacuees. Peter is a CO, someone who chose not to fight for his country in the war. After finishing his punishment for not fighting he finds himself as a first-aid administrator working under the doctor who thinks he's a traitor for not fighting.

This tale doesn't end there, because you see, Alice is part pixie. Her grandmother hopes that one day she'll accept the true nature of her birth, but Alice has no desire to involve herself in such nonsense. Throw in a red dragon, and a few vampires and the story explodes with hidden agendas and threats to the town she calls home.

After learning why Peter chose not to fight, she's riddled with guilt for the things she said to him. The two quickly realize that even though there were daily threats of bombs and mayhem, love could still bloom in their hearts.

The research Georgia Evans had to do shows through every page. The blackouts and ration cards alone are convincing. She writes an entertaining tale of falling in love while learning to realize ones full potential. Though the pace starts slow, it doesn't stay that way long. Once the story takes off, it explodes into a race of life or death leaving Alice and Peter fighting for their lives, their love, and that of everyone they love.

She leaves the war's politics out and focuses on the immediate threats to a small town. Her writing is superb in that a reader is compelled to know what happens next. The twists are unexpected and the underlying tales make you frantic for the next installment. All in all, a fantastic book to curl up to and read.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted June 25, 2009


Let the battle begin...

The village of Brytewood in Surrey is the setting for my new series.

You won't actually find Brytewood on any map of SE England, but the inhabitants are too busy coping with war and disruption to worry about a mere detail like that.

The first book opens in September 1940. Brytewood is in the path of the looming invasion, chock full of evacuees, and missing most of its young men, but everyone is coping and making do and mending.

To a casual observer Brytewood seems like any other village in that part of the country, but watch carefully. Some of the inhabitants have secrets of their own.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Bloody Good
(Brytewood: Book 1)
by Georgia Evans

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
June 1, 2009
Available: June 2, 2009
ISBN #0758234813
EAN #9780758234810
320 pages
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