"An age-old tale of good versus evil--with a supernatural twist!"

Our story begins with a funeral. The family of the deceased— a girl—is at the gravesite. The father is devastated by the death of his daughter. The eldest—a son—is wracked with guilt. The middle child—another son—is filled with hate and anger. See, the oldest—Darmetheus—was chosen to become an Eternal—supernatural warriors against evil things that go bump in the night. The girl had the gift of healing. All she had to do was lay hands on someone and they would be cured. But the middle child—Fallon—had no special talent at all. When Darmetheus was changing for the first time, unfortunately, Tessah tried to "heal" him and ended up being bitten for her trouble. When Tessah went through her first change, well, she didn't survive. So now, Fallon blames Darmetheus for Tessah's death. After raging at his brother, Fallon runs away. He ends up being surrounded by voices—voices which promise him the revenge he wants so much. The only thing it will cost him is his soul.

Then we jump forward in time several centuries. After a particularly fierce battle, Dar decides to take a vacation. So he hops on his bike—a vintage Harley—and heads to a town he knows in Colorado. When he gets there, he's pretty shocked. Everything is closed and there are no lights on anywhere. It's like the town becomes locked down as soon as it gets dark. As he's wondering what is going on, he begins to sense another presence and it's not a good one. The next thing he knows, he's surrounded by Demon wolves. Now Dar is pretty powerful—after all, he's been around for a long, long time—but not strong enough to take them all on. After taking out one or two of the Demon wolves, he runs and ends up at a cottage. For some reason the Demon wolves won't come near the cottage. He's wounded and naked.

Lilith has noticed that people have been disappearing from her town for a while now. The men are always returned—dead and half-eaten. Unfortunately, the women are never seen again. One thing Lilith has noticed—whoever is taking the women seems to go after only those with "special" talents. Sadly for Lilith, she has some special talents of her own. The latest to go missing was Lilith's cousin. Luckily, Lilith has managed to put a protective circle around her cottage and has been safe so far. When a naked wounded man shows up at her home, Lilith feels she has no choice but to bring him in and help him. Of course, she's not stupid, so she chains him to the wall overnight.

The attraction between these two is strong. And, naturally, Dar decides to stay and fight the Demon wolves. Lilith isn't pleased by this, but what else can she do?

Will Dar and the other Eternals be able to defeat the Demon wolves? Who is the leader of the Demon wolves and why are they abducting women? Will Dar be able to get over the guilt of his sister's death and realize Lilith is his Chosen? Is there a hope for these two to have a relationship?

ETERNAL MOON is a thrilling story of good versus evil. Shiloh Darke has taken all the things that go bump in the night and split them into two very distinct and separate groups—good or evil. We have Eternals—the good guys—who range from werewolves to wizards and vampires to the bad guys—Evil—mostly demon spawn. We have Lilith, a very modern woman who has never been able to have a relationship with a man due to her special talents, finding herself falling for Dar. Then we have Dar, a man tortured by the death of his sister. He has sworn to never try and find his Chosen because he fears the same thing would happen to her which happened to his sister. So not only are these two fighting for their lives against the Demon wolves, they are also trying to come to grips with their growing feelings for the other. All in all, an enjoyable read and one I would recommend to all lovers of supernatural creatures.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted June 25, 2009


Darmetheus has been alive for a very long time. A Werewolf Eternal, he's seen it all. Or so he thinks. But when he takes what he thinks is going to be a vacation from the daily hassle of fighting EVIL, he winds up in the fight of his life.

Lilith is a sassy, beautiful brunette with a secret talent. A talent that makes her a walking target. She's more than eye candy to these immortal villains and they're willing to kill in order to possess her.

But this enemy is no stranger to him and he is torn. The rebel in him wants to just walk away and leave Lilith to her fate. The here in him won't let him. Or is that his heart?

Genres: The Order Of The Eternals Series, Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Shapeshifter, Romance
Length: Full Length Novel

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Eternal Moon
(The Order Of The Eternals: Book 1)
by Shiloh Darke

Mystic Moon Press
March 1, 2009
Available: March 1, 2009
ISBN #0982325169
EAN #9780982325162
197 pages
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